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Puzzle Saga brings you the best of fun and exciting adventures packed with lots of fun and easy puzzle games! You travel the beautiful and magical world of Puzzle Saga and fight against monsters to get gold and experience. You can explore, decorate your own castle or just relax and play different fun mini games in this amazing world. So go ahead and try this game right now, but watch out for scary ghosts and baby dragons. Join the fun with your friends!

King closing Hoop de Loop Saga, 3 other Facebook games

Aug 12, 2013

With the sort of skyrocketing popularity that King has seen over the last year (thanks in no small part to Candy Crush Saga), we’ll forgive you for thinking that they went from zero to hero overnight. But like most companies, there’s a lot that has gone into getting King to where they are today – including a few earlier Facebook titles that you may not have heard of until right now.

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Puzzle Saga Review

Dec 9, 2010

Puzzle Saga is a concept that seems inescapably bound by success: a Facebook game that merges match-3 gameplay with RPG fantasy battles in the vein of the multiplatform casual hit Puzzle Quest. While Puzzle Saga is quite good by Facebook standards, it's no Puzzle Quest. The puzzle battles are real-time instead of turn-based and there's no real level of customization. The emphasis is on making matches as quickly as possible rather than necessarily making the best matches.

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