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User review by jyannis


I hold sentimental value towards the Puppetshow series because Mystery of Joyville is one of the earlist HOGs I had played. But the previous installment was a let-down and I considered giving this one a skip, but sentimentality won in the end, and thus I embark again on the journey into the world of Felicia and creepy puppets.

The story brings us back to the very beginning, when Felicia was still a little girl and needing help in locating her missing father. Gameplay, to me, is a step up from Return to Joyville - simply because it doesn't feel as mundane and repetitive. There's a much better usage of items, more widely-spread out HOGs in my opinion, and better puzzles. However, HOG searches are inconsistent - some scenes has two of the one item on the list, too small/blurry items etc. The travelling back and forth also feels like an attempt to prolong the game.

ERS are known for detailed graphics, and this game is no exception. In saying that, some scenes do feel recycled. Even so, there are lots to explore, and there's a helpful little puppet which you can name and dress up in hats (it's a mini-game to assemble each hat and there are 16 in total). He's less creepy than the menacing Spiderhead villian.

The story starts off with plenty of intrigue, with Felicia behaving strangely and the introduction of shady and suspicious characters. It is a race to find the Puppet Master and to discover exactly why he was kidnapped, and it all comes together in a full circle at the end, however, I did not appreciate that it all ties up only with the bonus chapter. The story should ALWAYS end satisfactorily in the main game.

Would love to give it a higher rating but overall, the game is very middle-of-the-road to me. I feel that this franchaise has run its course, and Destiny Undone is a worthy conclusion to a mostly successful series.

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User review by seedsick


I really was not expecting another game from the PuppetShow series. But after the substandard Return to Joyville, I was pleased to see that the series had a chance to end on a more positive note. And indeed, Destiny Undone is far superior to the game before it.

Although there were a few too many HOS in Destiny Undone for my liking, there is a much better balance with puzzles than there was in Return to Joyville. I also felt that this game had a better and more interesting story than the previous game, and is just generally more fun to play. To make a long story short, Destiny Undone is superior to Return to Joyville in every way.

As I said, I am glad that the PuppetShow series did not end with Return to Joyville and had a better game as a follow up, but to be perfectly honest I am ready for the series to come to an end. As other reviewers have noted (including the official GZ review), PuppetShow games are starting to become predictable. They're consistent, using the same design and more or less the same exact music tracks in each game, and the core premise of the plot is beginning to feel worn out.

I don't mean to say that Destiny Undone is a bad game, because it is not. However, my love for the PuppetShow series is starting to expire, and even though in many ways Destiny Undone is a high-quality game, it's hard for me to get excited about it when I know that not much will be offered in the way of new and surprising things. Perhaps it is now time for the puppet show to finally end.

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User review by roseisa


I have followed the PuppetShow series from the beginning.

The gameplay is exactly what Laura wrote about. The problem with the game is once played you are done and replay value is one of the reasons a game gets 5 stars from me.

So while I will always purchase games for this series because it is an interesting storyline, the game warrants only 3.5 stars, but will round to 4.

User review by Meli-2009


Yes, okay, it it a PuppetShow-game - and I should rate it higher as they surely put much effort to it. But to tell the truth i really got lost along the way - as the places to visite were too many for me and also it did not make sense to me. I never felt a kind of "flow" in this game. It's locations are just "strange"- why am i now at a watersupply and why is there always something underground - i just don't get the places, for me they do not make any sense at all.

What i really enjoyed though - besides of the nice graphics and the nice wellknown music - is the "helper", whom you can even give a name and the "hat-pattern", which gave a nice entertaining touch. But as for the many locations, this game really lost me on the way. A bit more of logic in a story would have been fine, i think.

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User review by Miranda22


I bought the CE of this adventure HOG right off as Puppet Show has been such a reliably fun game to play in past installments. That proved to be the case here too. I play these games more for recreation and entertainment than being challenged and having to solve hard puzzles. As a time passer, this game hits all the right notes. There are lots of fun embellishments along the way and the artwork remains at a high level. HO list scenes are fairly grainy and there are a few awful translation blunders (a noose is not a "loop"), but I enjoy the standard relaxing background score. There is a map that shows areas with tasks remaining, and will take you there, but asks you every time if you're sure you "want to navigate to this scene" which was a drag after so many times. This game also has the HO puzzles I really enjoy where you start with silhouettes at the bottom, then when you find that item, it leads you to open the next thing and so on. These scenes are really easy but the animations are so much fun to watch, they are a big part of the fun for me. I could have done without making all the hats and dressing up your helper, but if you like arts and crafts, these are inventive. Nothing ground-breaking, but well done overall. 4.5 stars

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User review by gETkAT


The fgame was ok. Yeah, just ok. I guess, maybe, I am just getting tired of the "Puppet Show" franchise. It seems like more of the same old... Nothing new AT ALL in this version. And I really hate, hate, HATE the freakin' "toolbox". At times you're carrying a big inventory and when you can't see it, you (or I) tend to forget what you have and skip over the scene just to painfully backtrack to it because you had the item all along. Anyway, not my favorite game by any stretch.

User review by Grimlaura


I didn't believe that the rabbits may pull themselves out of the hat with the 5th version of the PuppetShow story but they did.
The game worth playing and it even brings new aspects to the entire saga. Detective must find and save Felicia's father, and solve the mystery behind once again.
Typically to ERS the game stays in casual area even in advanced mode following the old receipt of a balanced combination of HOS, puzzles and adventure. But is a clever, catchy built that makes you want to go through the end.
The HOS are 2 types: interactive list based and find by silhouettes puzzles. I prefer the last type but there coming in almost equal amount and unfortunately repeats. But if you like HOS that's not a no-no. There some items a bit too hidden but nothing critical.
The interface offers a bunch of features some good and some that I could very well not have. I liked the construction of the jump to map with the grabbing hand but there is still tram and elevator repeated rides (a bit of a backtracking no-no). The little guy helper (I named him Moody) is nice to have, but the hat making workshop it's a "no thanks" for me. Also not impressed by the 10 puppets collection house.
The puzzles are no challenge at all, but are well explained and well designed. Also some of the task are a bit too in hand solving - as said this is a true casual.
The graphics are generally well done, appealing and worth walking around to admire, assorted with good sounds. Didn't like the music and Felicia's voice is annoying. They should get a girl to play it, not a women with squeaky voice.
CE will bring bonus chapter, extra mini-games and HOS + bunch of art works.
Overall I enjoyed the built of the adventure, the good story, the catchy going through, and the scenery.

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User review by Robertnico


man oh man, what a great game ... ... words fail me deficit .... I love the original and always surprising Puppet shows and this game is (again) really great!! The grafics...not to believe...and all the ingredients are present to alert and fascinated to stay ... variety, fun, humor, surprise ... inventive puzzles ....
A breath of fresh air among all the black smoke clouds of evil spirits ...

User review by moonwitch


ERS has done it again with the latest Puppetshow installment. The story of Felicia continues and absorbs your attention in this sequel. Due to the way the game is put together, I highly recommend purchasing the CE without putting in any spoilers for those who have not played it. As the first reviewer pointed out, there is some sloppiness in some of the last half of the game (perhaps a different person putting in parts of it) but overall it does not really harm what is a stellar play. I am looking forward to the next installment already.

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User review by abbeycreamcat


Having played and enjoyed the last 4 installments, this one was a must for me. Although it is not necessary to have played the previous PS games to follow the story, I presumed we would just be going back before the fire that burned Felicia and killed her father to prevent it from happening and we did, but with a twist, and we find out who the villain is that eluded us in Return to Joyville. And the fire? Well I won't spoil it for you, but did I get the original story wrong or did the developers? Regardless, I enjoyed the gameplay and although the puzzles were generally a little easy it was a pleasant change to not be pulling at my hair trying to figure them out.
As much as I enjoy ERS games I sometimes get quite stumped on where to go and what to do next, however I managed this one fairly well, although there were a few strange uses of items along the way, such as medical tong thingys to pick up a deadly snake.
There were a few sloppy inconsistencies not usually found in ERS games that irked me such as that the list style of HOS suddenly changed, and, particularly towards the end of the game, some hidden objects that require action or the addition of a part were highlighted, while others were not. Not detrimental, but made me think that that not much care had been taken and left an unpolished feel to an otherwise excellent game.
The main game ended rather abruptly and was better finished with the bonus chapter which was worth playing, (and hints of more puppet show adventures to come!), also the last few collectible dolls and hat patterns are in the bonus chapter, hopefully the SE will be adjusted to cater for this.
There are 3 difficulty levels and a widescreen option.
In the CE the mini games and HOS are replayable, and along with the usual offerings there is the option of a 2013 screen calendar.
I would have rated this a 4.5 and rounded up but for my gripes, so instead I give it a 4

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