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Polycraft Review

Sep 9, 2013

Polycraft combines the simplicity of browser-based gaming with the depth of a persistent strategy world.  While the game is entirely controllable by mouse, actions are not limited: players will gather resources, build bases, and take direct part in fast-paced battles that require both forethought and a twitchy trigger finger.  After a lengthy and productive beta period, Polycraft is now openly free-to-play via Turbulenz on the Chrome Apps Store.  A few rough edges remain, but its world has been highly polished, providing players a beautiful—yet dangerous—island habitat to play with.

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Polycraft Developer Diary #2: Less Talk, More Action

Mar 9, 2013

Hi there! I'm Adam Langridge (@ajlangridge) and I'm a game maker on Polycraft here at Wonderstruck.

In case you missed our previous developer diary, Polycraft is a new real-time strategy game with an action heart! Your hero has been washed up on the beach of a mysterious island. Rescued by a Wildling, you’re tasked with building a new life and defending it from the Ferals that seek to destroy it.

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Polycraft Developer Diary #1: Arms Wide Open Game Development!

Feb 9, 2013

Hi there readers of Gamezebo! I’m Ben Furneaux, one of the developers at Wonderstruck working on our first project: Polycraft. We’re working with Gamezebo to bring you a series of developer diaries following the development of Polycraft. There’s going to be lots of behind-the-curtain insight into how we’re making Polycraft, exclusive information about upcoming releases, photos of people looking pensively at a whiteboards, blood, sweat, tears and polygons. Lots of polygons.

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Polycraft Preview

Jan 23, 2013

Beta testing is great, but if you really want to help shape a game's development, it helps to get in on the process even earlier than that. The catch is that few developers actually let you do that, but Wonderstruck is allowing people to take a pre-alpha version of its upcoming action/strategy game Polycraft for a spin. Consider it a hands-on sneak peek at how you might survive on a mysterious island inhabited by hostile natives.

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