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By Talor Berthelson | Sep 27, 2013 |

Game Introduction - Pocket Trains

Pocket Trains is a train simulation game from NimbleBit, in which you are the owner of your very own railroad company, set on dominating the world by delivering goods and passengers to their destinations. Keeping on the tracks while maintaining your successful business can be difficult, but with Gamezebo’s quick start guide you’ll have all of the tips, tricks, and walkthroughs you need to stay ahead of the game.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

Pocket Trains

  • To get started quickly, go ahead and click on the “Play Now” button at the top of this screen. Pocket Trains is a free to play game, so there’s no worry if you discover it’s not your bag.
  • Upon starting the game for the first time, you will be taken to the station screen where you can immediately begin playing upon finishing the short tutorial.

How to Play

  • If you’ve played Pocket Planes (another NimbleBit game), the setup and play of Pocket Trains will seem familiar. However, there are still some changes you’ll want to prepare for when playing.
  • When on the station screen, you will see a few things on screen that you’ll want to remember what they are before playing. At the top middle of the screen, you will see the name of the train you are currently using. In the screenshot example, it shows “Cherry Steamer.”
  • Next to the name are two arrows, with one pointing right, and the other left. Choosing either one allows you to easily flip between trains quickly.
  • To the top left, you will see your current level and level progress. This will gradually increase as you complete jobs.

Pocket Trains

  • To the top right, you will see a train icon. This icon will take you to a list of all of your trains, allowing you to quickly select which one you’d like to use instead of flipping through each one.

Pocket Trains

  • When on the train selection screen, you’ll want to just tap on one of the trains to use.
  • On the bottom of the screen, you will see another menu with an array of buttons you can tap on to perform various functions in the game.
  • The left-most button labeled “Jobs” is the button you tap on in order to select certain jobs you wish for that train to complete.

Pocket Trains

  • In the Jobs screen, you will then see a map on the left side of the screen, and a list of available jobs off to the right. Tapping on a job will activate it for use, and then you will need to select the proper city for the train to travel to on the left.

Pocket Trains

  • When you’ve selected all of the available jobs you can complete, and have selected the proper city for that train to travel to, you can then tap on the “Depart” button to send the train on its way with its cargo.

Pocket Trains

  • Once a train is on its way, you can watch it fly by with the cargo if you wish. At the bottom of the train viewing screen, you will see the status of the train as it moves. You can see how much time is left before it will arrive at its destination, where it’s going, and you can “Boost” it if you wish. Boosting does cost Bux however, so you may only want to do this in rare instances.
  • In this view, you can also tap on Bux and Coins that could fly by to collect them.

Expanding Your Railroad

  • One of the things you can do to grow your company is to expand your existing lines and add new lines. Let’s go over how to do that.

Pocket Trains

  • On the Map screen, you can see the entire layout of your railroad, with existing lines having distinctive colors to them. Only trains that are assigned to that line may travel on it.
  • To expand a line, you can tap on a greyed out line. When a line is greyed out, this is to signify that the line is inactive and is waiting for you to expand onto it. When you tap on the greyed out line, you’ll be given the option to add a line between the two cities the line travels between.

Pocket Trains

  • The greyed out line will now turn white, and you’ll be able to expand a line to travel across it.
  • Now when accessing the jobs screen, you can tap on the line to add it to that railroad’s track, converting it to the line’s color in the process. You can then have that train travel across that track to move between the cities.
  • Another way of expanding your railroad is to build a new train to use. Tap on the Menu button in the bottom right corner, and then on the Craft button to bring up the Crafting menu.

Pocket Trains

  • Here, you can see all of the available crates you have collected. To collect crates, you will just need to deliver them from one city to another when you can. Once they are delivered, you can come to this screen to view them.
  • When you’re ready to, you can open the delivery boxes with Bux. When you open one, a popup will appear that shows what you have received from the box.

Pocket Trains

  • From here, you will want to go to the “Parts” menu that shows you all of the parts you have collected from boxes. When you have enough of one kind of part, you can then craft a new train from this screen by tapping on the “Craft” button.

Pocket Trains

  • In the popup window, you can choose to create a Fuel Car, which will allow an existing train to travel longer distances, or a whole new engine, which will create a whole new railroad line.
  • To finish creating the new rail line, tap on the Menu button, and then on the “New RR” button. Select the engine you created, and then confirm that you’d like to spend coins. You’ll then need to select the home city for this railroad, and then a track for it to travel on.

Pocket Trains

  • At this point, your new engine will be able to start delivering jobs just as all the others have.


You have completed Gamezebo’s quick start guide for Pocket Trains. Be sure to check back often for game updates, staff and user reviews, user tips, forums comments and much more here at Gamezebo!

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