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A species of aliens from planet Pluto, known only as the “Groobs,” have taken over all of Earth’s major cities in the six months since interstellar war began.

Join the invasion, resistance is futile! Take a side of either invading alien forces or defend the earth’s fate. Destroy all targets with your specialized tanks. Recruit your friends and fight for your cause, together in real time!

Games of the Month - December 2011

Jan 2, 2012

If you’re a fan of our Game of the Month segments, there’s a pretty good chance that you went crazy for our coverage in December. All last month we posted list after list of the best games that 2011 had to offer – so much so that we almost forgot about all of the great games that came out at the end of the year! Don’t worry though – it may be a little late, but Gamezebo’s look back at the top games of December 2011 was well worth the wait!

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Pluto Attacks Review

Dec 9, 2011

Poor Pluto. Not only must the weather there make Nunavut feel like Egypt, they also have to contend with upstart scientists from Earth who contend that their little hunk of rock isn't even a planet. And now, with a little help from SyFy, they're up in arms and they're not going to take it anymore. That's good news for us, because their tank battles against the unsuspecting inhabitants of Earth in Pluto Attacks represent some of the best 2D turned-based combat available on Facebook.

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