Tree of Wisdom height needed to enable Daisies easter egg?

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Tree of Wisdom height needed to enable Daisies easter egg?

I keep pouring fertilizer on the tree of wisdom hoping to enable the Daisies easter egg. I am currently on the clue "Once you buy the Imitater.." Does anyone know which clue you have to get to to enable the Daisies easter egg?

parmenter have you looked at the walkthrough.  You can access it by clicking on the tips & tricks tab right above this white page.

The walkthrough mentions the Daisies code, but the code doesnt work in the game until the tree of wisdom reaches a certain height. I have poured fertilizer on the tree till the upper branches are off screen and still the Daisies code says, "your tree of wisdom isn't high enough" when I try to use that code. Has anyone actually gotten the Daisies code to work?

Hey parmenterla,

The easter eggs have nothing to do with the Tree of Wisdom. I'll explain both.

The daisies easter egg is entered during a game level. When a zombie dies, some daisies will appear on the spot where the zombie died. That's all that happens.

The height of the tree of wisdom-thing is to get more hints, yet this comes down to one hint every 50 feet, so after 100 feet, I stopped feeding it my money :P All the big hints are mentioned in the walkthrough. Should I come across some more, I (or Erin) will update the walkthrough.

~cheers Martijn

If the easter eggs have nothing to do with the Tree of Wisdom, why does the game keep saying, "Your tree of wisdom isn't tall enough" when I type "Daisies" to enable that egg?

I have no idea. Where did you download the game? At Popcap themselves?

I tried in the Popcap-version, the Gamehouse-version, and the Yahoo-version, and when I type "daisies" during a zombie level, it activates the cheat.

What happens exactly? Does it pauze the level when you type it, to give you that warning?

I checked and I got the game from Popcap Games itself.  When I type Daisies, it doesnt pause, but it pulls up a transparant window at the bottom third of the screen that says, "Your Tree of Wisdom isn't tall enough" I assume the daisies in question that appear on the screen under defeated zombies are cosmetic only and not combat plants? If so, I've been wasting $$$ on fertilizer.  Thanks for the advice, folks.

I'm gonna try and figure this out for you.

But, yes, the easter eggs are only cosmetic.

I also get the "Tree of Wisdom" message when I try the "daisies" cheat.  I have successfully used the "future", "mustache", and "trickedout" cheats, but I got the message about the "Tree of Wisdom" with the "pinata" cheat as well.

I've looked into how it works now.

"Officially", your tree of wisdom needs to be a certain height for certain easter eggs.
This is 100 feet for "daisies".
This is 500 feet for "pinata".
This is 1,000 feet for "dance" (a new one!).

However, probably through a glitch, this height is often not required for the easter eggs to work. This is alas either being lucky or unlucky.

hey i like the plants vs zombies.My tree of wisdom is 992 feet tall.