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Howdy Pardner! Come join us on The Pioneer Trail, where you’ll carve out a home in the wilderness, raise a family, and make your way west across this great, untamed wilderness. There may be all kinds of hazards along the way, but you can make it with the help of some friends in your trusty Trail Crew!

Subscription-based gaming is coming to Facebook

Jun 19, 2012

It’s no secret that the primary source of income for social games is in-app purchases. As a model, it works just fine. Sometimes, though, other models work better for certain games – like the subscription model, for example. It’s coming to Facebook soon, and developer KIXEYE’s game Backyard Monsters will be one of the first titles to feature it.

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FrontierVille Pioneer Trail gets even bigger with Ghost Town update

Oct 7, 2011

The Pioneer Trail expansion for FrontierVille was huge, so huge that it actually felt like more of a sequel than a simple expansion. So it's only fitting that the first expansion to The Pioneer Trail, the Halloween-themed Ghost Town, is equally large.

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The Pioneer Trail Review

Aug 26, 2011

The Pioneer Trail is the biggest addition to FrontierVille yet. So big, in fact, that it has its own name and app. It doesn't change the core gameplay of FrontierVille, so you'll still be able to build up your homestead, but instead it adds a whole new adventuring element complete with a story and different locations to explore. It's a worthwhile addition that adds a whole new dynamic to the game, but in order to enjoy it you'll need some dedicated companions.

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The Pioneer Trail Walkthrough

Aug 25, 2011

Come visit The Pioneer Trail, the newest addition to FrontierVille developed by Zynga and played on Facebook! Travel outside of your homestead and explore territories of the untamed west with your new trail crew members. Your crew will help you collect items, clear land, and complete hidden missions. This will help you travel to Fort Courage for your final objective, which is to save Ezekiel who has been kidnapped by the horrible Gratchett gang. Gamezebo’s The Pioneer Trail quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images and hints on how to play your best game.

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