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I started the demo and am enjoying it. Unfortunately, there is a diary that needs to be put in order, but all the pages are in French and they are not all numbered with years and / or days of the week or months. Anyone have any ideas? I tis a mistake???

Check your notes.  You have to put the book in order of that guy's last name.  There are two parts in his last name which means you need to put the book with no label in between.  Glad to help!

Hi JerBear, thank you for responding. However, this is a different puzzle. It is early in the game where the diary pages need to be put in ordrer, not books. Frown

Hi TamaraUK,

Here is the translation and solution. Pictures don't show up on this reply. go to the following site, I have placed there a picture, it's under Lagoona


Good Luck!



Thank you very much for your help and taking the time time to translate the diary entries. Way above the call of duty! Most appreciated.