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By Jim Squires | Jan 27, 2012 |

The Other Brothers might just prove that Mario & Luigi aren't the only siblings on the block

Everyone knows Mario & Luigi. They’re plumbers, they're heroes – but first and foremost, they’re brothers. But surely Mario & Luigi can’t be the only siblings capable of running, jumping, and collecting with style – can they? It would seem not, as mobile gamers will soon be learning the tale of The Other Brothers


The Other Brothers


Beyond the catchy name and shallow teaser of a premise, not much is known about The Other Brothers. Based on the few released screens, the game will feature some top notch pixel art – but ultimately, there’s not a lot here that really gives off a sense of the gameplay.


Still – it doesn’t seem like we’ll have long to wait. A post on the developers’ blog describes the project as under “freakishly fast development,” and they plan on blogging their progress all along the way.


The Other Brothers

The Other Brothers


Expect The Other Brothers to debut on the iPhone and iPad, with a possible port to Android soon after.

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