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OTHER AGE - Second Encounter or OASE is a game with elements of adventure, dating sim, and visual novel. In OASE, you control Prince of Zeiva Empire in his quest to date a girl using a machine called Luv Luv Nitarou Dynamite. With it you can summon girls from any place, time or space. Follow stories of different characters and collect as many ending as you can! OASE has a total of 10 summonable girls, 200+ illustrations, and 55 endings.

Other Age Second Encounter Review

Nov 15, 2010

We've seen plenty of tongue-in-cheek dating sim-cum-visual novels, with humorous back-and-forths between the protagonist and the available love interests. Other Age Second Encounter attempts to follow this path, but instead comes across as rather childish and immature, with poor dialogue, story and direction.

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