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Odd Manor is a new social media game launching Spring 2011. Solve a mystery in a magical garden of gnomes, faeries, charmed plants and creatures.

Legendary King's Quest designer Roberta Williams working on Facebook's Odd Manor

Aug 14, 2011

It has been a long time since Roberta Williams, a pioneering game designer best known for adventure games like Phantasmagoria and the King's Quest series, has worked on a video game. But she's back, and will be lending her talents to the social game Odd Manor as a design consultant.

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Odd Manor Review

Jul 14, 2011

Odd Manor is an unusual Facebook game in which you control a gnome that's tasked with trying to clean up the grounds of a run-down old house you've inherited. Naturally, the house was originally owned by a magician and you have the opportunity to re-learn all of the original owner's magic feats by, uh, forcing your gnome to cultivate your garden. By growing special plants, you can release fairies with a variety of magic powers into your garden, earn money, and hoard magical artifacts. You can also decorate your garden, but chances are you'll spend far more time trying to liberate it from stray rocks and weeds.

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Social games come to WildTangent

Jul 4, 2011

Game portal WildTangent has just become a little more social, with the addition of a new section that focuses specifically on social games. Popular Facebook games like It Girl and Salon Street are now playable on the site, and a contest is currently underway that lets users win free virtual currency.

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