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The Fisherman’s Dilemma: Where is the line between inspiration and rip-off?

Aug 8, 2011

Here at Gamezebo, we’ve recently published a glowing review for a new iPhone game called Ninja Fishing. We certainly weren’t alone in this – IGN and 148Apps both gave it high marks. In fact the game is sitting at an 8.6 on Quality Index and an 81 on MetaCritic – clearly this is a title that’s getting some love. So why are some people getting upset over it?

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Ninja Fishing Review

Aug 5, 2011

I’d like to go on record as saying the name Ninja Fishing was an unfortunate choice. I get it – they’re trying to make you think of games like Fruit Ninja. With the amount of titles on the App Store, maybe something like this is effective – but it just feels like a cash grab based on the title alone. What’s most likely to surprise you about Ninja Fishing is how much deeper it is than the game it’s trying to associate itself with.

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Ninja Fishing Preview

Jul 19, 2011

Being a ninja around fruit is all well and good, but isn’t just so... 2010? The developers at Gamenauts are looking to put ninjas to work cutting up another culinary delight, though this time it’s a little bit wigglier than a silly little banana or a spiky ol’ pineapple. Ninja Fishing, due on the iPhone and iPad later this year, will have players catching – and then slicing – their own fish.

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