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Nightclub City is a game on Facebook that lets you manage your own nightclub for those that like to party on Facebook. Open your own nightclub, mix your own drinks, spin some tunes, and invite your friends on the VIP list. Just don't hang the DJ, as Morrissey crones. The developer has not described the game yet, so I had to take poetic license and throw in a Smiths reference. Our review is soon.

DJ Rivals Walkthrough

Mar 10, 2011

Nightclub City DJ Rivals is an iPhone game developed by Booyah that’s part social game, part rhythm action. Gamezebo’s Nightclub City DJ Rivals strategy guide and walkthrough will provide you with a quick start guide, tips and tricks, hints and cheats to help you rock the house all night long.

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DJ Rivals Review

Mar 10, 2011

Being a DJ is a tough gig. You have to deal with unruly crowds, work late nights, and fight your way through a series of other DJs in a race to become the greatest. Well, at least that’s the case in Nightclub City: DJ Rivals, a spin-off of the Facebook game Nightclub City that combines elements of social gaming with a more rhythm oriented experience. It’s sort of like DJ Hero meets FarmVille. And while the core gameplay is pretty solid, the game is ultimately far too repetitive to have much in the way of lasting appeal.

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DJ Rivals Preview

Feb 23, 2011

Few companies can manage to strike gold on two different platforms with two wildly different titles at the same time, yet Booyah has quickly made a name for themselves over the last year as the creators of MyTown, the iPhone’s top GPS game, and Nightclub City, a music and management game with over 2 million monthly active users on Facebook. Now Booyah is looking to blend these two ideas together with the upcoming release of Nightclub City DJ Rivals for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

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Zombie Mosh Review

Dec 19, 2010

Much like the flesh-dripping living corpses themselves, the zombie phenomenon refuses to die. We've seen zombies take over the world in multiple movies, we've seen zombies annihilated by defensive suburban flora, and even one of this year's best console games featured a decidedly non-sequitur zombie expansion pack. And now Facebook has Zombie Mosh, which mixes the rocking undead with various elements of Frontierville and Nightclub City. The concept has undeniable charm and the friendly developers plan to release additional features as the beta progresses, but it's hard to see this as more than a novelty game that should have been scheduled for a Halloween release.

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Nightclub City Review

May 12, 2010

The most impressive thing about Nightclub City, at first glance, is that it is not recognizably a clone of anything. A lot of its features aren’t too uncommon for social games (with one exception), Nightclub City packages them together in an entirely new way. As the name implies, Nightclub City is a game about running a virtual nightclub that’s got the potential to become much deeper than most of its Facebook competitors. As you improve your club’s luxury and popularity levels, you’ll begin attracting more lucrative types of customers.

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