Nemo's Reef Tips from the Walkthrough Comments section and Net sources

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Nemo's Reef Tips from the Walkthrough Comments section and Net sources

As Nemo's Reef went a 107 comments amount today and people seem to find hard to work with I'm openning this with the recommendation to use it. Its easier as Diqus take long time to load to new comments. The Forum is  a good option so give it a try. And also people who plays and knows other useful tips please post. Your contribution will be more than welcome.

Thank you. Laughing

Useful combos:

Yellow Table Plant near Red Branches
Yellow Table Plant near Rock (specials)
Giant Brown Grass near Purple Marine Shrub
Giant Green Seabush near Green Straight Seaweed
Heap of stone near Yellow Plateau
Orange Tube Sponge near Orange Bell Sea Pen
Maroon Pipe Sponge near Lilac Cirripathes and Violet Sea Shrub
Giant Brown Sea Grass near Purple Marine Shrub
Small Yellow Grass near Seashell and Yellow Bell Sea Pen

Orange plateau/Orange peel seaweed cluster/Orange heap of sea moss

barrel sponge/silver branches/boulders

Plants and fishes list:

Green Parrotfish = Green Thalassia 

Green Seahorse = Green Seaweed Cluster
Yellow Lionfish = Amber Sea Nymph 
Green Trumpetfish = Bright Green Thalassodendron 
Orange Dusky Batfish = Orange Water Hyssop Flowers
Yellow Dusky Batfish = Yellow Thalassia 
Green Dusky Batfish = Green Sea Grapes 
White Clown Frogfish = White Sea Nymph .
Pink Emperor Angelfish = Pink water Hyssop Flowers
Green Emperor Angelfish = Olive Halimeda Plant
Orange Mandarinfish = Orange Kelp on Rock 
Short Brown Seamoth = Brown Himanthalia Elongata
Orange Lionfish = Pastel Orange Halimanthalia
Red Trumpetfish = Maroon Sea Grapes
Olive Mandarin fish= Olive Himanthalia Elongata



Other combos by specific answers

White sea horse combo  - 2 silver bubble, 3 flat rocks, 1bolder, 1 big rock on a far edge of your reef.

other useful combo

- Yellow Sponge Bed & Red Tube Sponge (don't know for what maybe you tell me)

Red seahorse - plant green marine bonsai away from othre plants

Red octopus - lilac cirripathes + red cirripathes

Green sea horse - giant green seabush with few green seaweed cluster and seaweed 

Jellyfish - grow yellow pillow for yellow jellyfish.even u have one on your reef have to grow new one. it is for every fish / rare fish that come you need to grow the plant for them to stay

sea dragon - mix of green and brown straight seaweed 


There not all tested so if you tried better combos that worked please add

From other posts (sorry if some repeats it's hard to keep tracking)

Bloat: Bloat's Ring of Fire
Bubbles: Bubble's Stone Chest
Dory: Dory's Tiki Heads
Green Seahorse: Green seaweed cluster (it's a ball shape for 100 sand dollars - the straight seaweed doesn't work)
Brown Seadragon: Green and Brown straight seaweed, planted right next to one another
Blue Jellyfish: Rose seabed and Heap of Stones (if it doesn't stay, you need to plant more Rocks and Boulders around the reef) Best rated solution: One rose seabed surrounded by 2 heap of stones & one boulder. Must be new & at the lowest bed on your screen.
Red Seahorse: Plant a NEW "Bright Green Marine Bonsai" (I planted two together but the seahorse stayed when one of the plants completed; oddly, it settled next to an old bonsai instead of the new...)

- green and orange seaweeds to keep the brown seahorse

Violet Sea Blossom + Lilac Cirripathies + Marron Pipe Sponge = Nemateleotris Decora
Giant Brown Grass + Purple Marine Shrub = Nemateleotris Decora
Red Branches + Yellow Table Plant = Chelmon Rostratus (Yellow Strips)
Giant Brown Grass + Flat Rock + Brown Seaweed Cluster = Chelmon (Brown Strips)


-  Pink jellyfish= Pink sponges + pink marine shrubs + pink sea blossoms

-  White sea dragon - 2 White Sea Flowers surrounded with Silver Branches

- zoom in fish - Giant Briwn Grass touching Brown Seaweed Cluster and Flat Rock gives orange/yellow/white fish.


Other combos


Giant red grass + Red eucheuma denticulatum + red seaweed

 Pink Sponge Bed + Red Sea Blossom + Ruby Sea Flower   

Barrel sponge + mineral hedge + White Sea flower

Tips for the yellow octopus

Try this one: Plant 2 seashells, 2 yellow marine shrubs right straight across in a row and surround them with rocks. Then on the outside of the rocks plant two light green marine shrubs right next to each other up against the rocks.
Or this one: 2 shells, 2 green shrubs, 2 yellow shrubs, 3 rocks, eventually add a flat rock


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