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User review by cwillow


Whoo hoo! A new Natalie Brooks adventure - is exactly what I said when I saw this. I loved the first two, and this one just makes it so much better.

The usual suspects for the series apply here - cutscenes in comic book format, a simple plotline, familiar characters - and a great idea that has become very common in the HOG world - point and click adventuring. This is a mainstay of the series, and I must say, I enjoy the mix better than plain old HOG games.

Natalie does her usual great job of leading you where you have to go. The puzzles are easily solvable, the hints unlimited, and the bad guy captured in the end.

Sticklers might be offended by the typos and spelling errors on occasion, but they are not very detracting from the main storyline.

Four stars for an entertaining game!

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User review by Shang


Everything I said about Secrets of the Treasure House also applies to Treasures of the Lost Kindgom. In fact it is just another investigation of similar vein set in different surroundings. As usual the graphics are good, the storyline is simple yet effective, items are quite visible and puzzles varied and plentiful. I enjoyed the demo as much as I did those of Natalie's other two adventures, and the basic simliarities did not bother me. More demanding players might view this as a cause of boredom. I personally didn't. It is true there are several misspelled words and a few typos, but I have seen so many of them in other games and elsewhere that I now correct them automatically in my mind without being in the least affected. Good spelling would however have given the game a better polish. In spite of this minor flaw Treasures of the Lost Kindgom will nicely complete the trilogy in my collection.

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User review by arcadiarose


Make that 3 1/2 stars. This was a BIG improvement over the first game. It had better graphics, a better-developed plot, better puzzles, better writing/translation (though still some errors), better tutorial/directions, and an ending that actually looked like an ending. I didn't find the cut scenes and dialogue annoying at all. I thought it all went with the story, and you could click to speed through it. However, experienced gamers will find this game too easy & leading. It's also quite short, I finished in about 3 hours or so. Players newer to the HOG/adventure genre could do worse though, then to wet their feet with games like this. Tip: I got this one and the first Natalie Brooks from mostfun.com for free, so I didn't feel like I wasted my money on short games.

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User review by buzzworthy


Though did decide to not play, I still gave it another chance to see how precise my “feeling” was. I wasn’t disappointed: it’s disappointing as much as I’d thought before. Be looking for the 3rd game but you know what, I do not expect much, especially from the series have pulled me down twice. --- [PROS] Cool and well-charmed 2D graphics. Nice music/audio. Lots of details. Somewhat funny writing. [CONS] Almost bad: from Lil’ Logo to Big Gameplay. Disappointing theme. Little atmosphere. Ugly and onerous 3D-ize visual arts: If you aren’t good at making 3D games, why don’t you choose 2D or 2.5D instead??? (reduce your budget and the game will be more “real” and accessible). Ho-hum story ;( Characters act thoughtlessly. Gameplay’s easier than the first one’s. Zero innovation. Little addiction, much tiring. Ending doesn’t go with animated scenes.

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User review by du999


graphics are alright,it is actually quite a good game i had to pace myself otherwise i would of had this game finished within a few days.Overall quite a good game to play.

User review by zippergirl


Terrible spelling errors and typos. I couldn't take it!

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User review by Elsheks


I liked this game a lot, I found it to be funny and entertaining. Since English is not my mother tongue, the errors didn't bother me too much. ;-) The game was a bit too easy, so 4 stars in stead of 5. ;-).

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User review by Gaelle


More like three to four hours to me and I took my time! Could be an enjoyable game but the ending is too abrupt and the spelling mistakes were begining to annoy me. Too bad because the art is quite nice.

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User review by alde02


I enjoyed the game! I had fun! The dialogue is silly but so what! The graphics were cool, the mini-games not too bad. This one is a keeper!

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User review by Mummze_1


My first Natalie Brooks game. This could be a terrific game. The actual game play, and the puzzles are very good and clever, and the music goes well. But the cartoon drawings of the people and actions, and all the reading of the chat is such a turn off. Too bad. Alawar needs to redo this game, and re-release it. It has potential.

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