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A terrible Iron Lord has descended upon the prosperous nation of Namerial. With the help of a powerful and menacing legion of mechanical soldiers, he has conquered this once thriving state, and it is up to you to escape from prison, reach the base of his fortress and solve the mystery of his dark power! Be the one to face the dark ruler and destroy the source of the Iron Lord’s power. Exciting adventures, true courage and a mysterious world await!

Namariel Legends: Iron Lord Review

Jun 10, 2013

Namariel Legends: Iron Lord has a rocky start, as its soft, blurry graphics don’t offer a promising environment for exploration. But once the game begins, however, players are launched into a fairly tense journey to save our hero’s uncle from the clutches of a robotic overload and his mechanical minions. Namariel Legends: Iron Lord isn’t a perfect experience, but while the game suffers from some technical issues, it’s still pretty fun where it counts.

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