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By Jim Squires | Oct 5, 2011 |

MyTown 2 surfaces in Canadian App Store

Over the last few years, MyTown has been something of a go-to app for folks looking to combine the fun of tycoon games with the on-the-town nature of check-ins. The original game itself has received countless updates, but like any success, you just had to know there’d be a sequel in the works one day. And it looks like that day is coming sooner than later, as MyTown 2 is now live in the Canadian App Store.

For those familiar with the first game, MyTown 2 may initially be something of a shock. At first glance, MyTown 2 looks a lot more like CityVille than it does MyTown. But once you get into the gameplay, you’ll quickly discover that the experience is really a unique blend of both approaches.

MyTown 2

MyTown 2

Players will build towns in standard city-building fashion, but as they add businesses, they’ll get to select from a variety of real world local shops, salons, restaurants, and more. You’ll be able to get these businesses to start doing jobs to earn you income, and if you check into them in the real world, those jobs will be given a speed boost to get you closer to completion. Check-ins will also offer a variety of different in-game bonuses, even if the businesses you're checking into aren't part of your town.

Instead of checking into real-world locations making up the core of the gameplay as it did in the first game, check-ins have become a supporting player to help you grow your city.

MyTown 2

MyTown 2

When it comes to social games on the App Store, Canada often gets first dibs, as it gives developers a chance to test the game before a wide release. And while it doesn’t always mean the game will be available worldwide in the immediate future (Dream Park and Zombie Cookin’ have both been on the Canadian App Store for weeks now), it seems like a solid indication that they’re on the way soon. Be sure to follow MyTown 2 right here on Gamezebo to be notified the moment it sees a US release!

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