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User review by sotong


I won't say more since the other reviews have said it all. The paintings are beautiful but apart from that, this game is just so repetitious and boring. The vampire woman is just so annoying and talkative. There's no way I can shut her up! The mini-game/puzzles are a drag although I liked the jigsaw puzzles of the fruit paintings. The worst part of it is the spinning wheel is rigged. Whenever it landed on a X, it will automatically move to an available slot to force me to play the mini-game. Boring boring boring!

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User review by molly539


Meh! The HOG portion was fine, although some of the objects were so faded into the background of the art that they were hard to see. Mini-games were OK, easy but could be skipped. Nothing new here. The female character was annoying! Was she supposed to be a vampire? The grammer in the dialogue was a bit off. And with "Mystic" in the title, I was kind of expecting a supernatural theme to spice up the game. A bit of a disappointment all around.

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User review by chasseur


Sorry, but I couldn't even make it through the demo. I couldn't stand the Vampire cum Art Director.
The objects were either obvious or not visable to the naked eye w/o hints. I guess if one is absolutely desperate for a HOG and this was the only one left on the planet. . . . .

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User review by jkuci


OK, this HOG is not the best using art but it is a decent new attempt.

My favorite is still the "Hidden World of Art" group of 2 games, so far, however I bought this game from BFG and I enjoy it.

There are a variety of activities to do in this game, generous hints, many skip options and you can click to fast forward the woman "presenter" if you dislike her appearance or her comments.

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User review by moonwitch


The premise of this game was a decent one, but thats where it ends. I did not like the big bosomed vampire looking woman dressed like a tart that kept showing up with multitudes of details, many of which just repeated themselves over and over again throughout the game. The whole truth of the matter is that while this has a semi classic art theme, its really only a poorly done HOG held together with tons of mini games that repeat themselves -- puzzles, trivia, and spot the differences. I just did not find it to be that good a game and I could not put up with the female character any longer.

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User review by cakefordinner


Pros: Wonderful art; decent localization; good "non-art" graphics; hints recharge in 10 seconds(?)
Cons: poorly executed game mechanics; too much dialog; constant interruptions; annoying animations

I had a hard time coming up with any positives; there are just too many negatives. Each hidden object scene (only 1 per level) is a piece of art painted by a famous (or not so famous) artist. The objects you need to find range from glaringly obvious, to cleverly hidden (only 1 or 2), to huge items so faded or blended into the background that they're almost impossible to distinguish. You find 4 items (yellow in the list) that add mini-games to your next requirement. Then you get to play "Wheel of Fortune" to choose which of the very trite, simplistic mini-games you have to plod thorugh: spot the difference, Concentration pair matching, remember 3 items from the object list, art trivia (all WAGs unless you're an Art History expert), find 10 things with a magnifying glass, etc. Collect gems to skip super-easy mini-games; I stopped after the first scene. The buttons have no mouse-over labels (Options, Magnifier, Hint on the top left, in that order from top to bottom). An ANNOYING woman, dressed in tacky, 80s, disco outfits that WON'T SHUT UP! Alright, already! You've already told me the Hints are disabled for the mini-games 12 times, and other equally annoying yada, yada, yada. This game is a short, mishmash of copy/pasted objects, hackneyed mini-games and excruciatingly run-on dialog. Oh, and you get scored on how well you did (no skips and no hints) at the end of each short 1 hidden object and 4 mini-games chapter. The only thing that this game has to recommend itself is that it IS a game and it's new at BFG. Great possibilities, poorly executed. Absolutely no polish whatsoever.

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User review by Eisteepfirsich


Not a good hog. The graphic is fuzzy, the storyline is bad. The minigames are boring. I had enough after the second scene. Don`t waste your time on the lame game.

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