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Mystery Novel---5 Idols---spoiler

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Mystery Novel---5 Idols---spoiler

I don't know if anyone else is playing this but I'm to the part where I need 5 idols. I have 4 of them and for the life of me can't find the 5th.

I have the ones from the following places: The basement in the Mayor's House, the fishing hut, the police station, and the field on the island by the hollow tree before the winch. I have been back through everywhere I can and still can't find it Frown. If any one can help I'd be really grateful Laughing

You're lucky you got that far. I'm way back at the beginning, I think. I got a saftey pin and no idea where to use it. Don't you just hate not having a walkthrough to back check on when you get lost?

Use the safety pin on the lock

I'm not even sure I saw a lock anywhere but I will try again. thank you

its a lock on the door at the beginning

I used the pin on some kind of lock on a chest to get the shovel. When I posted before I hadn't even got past that locked gate. I'm gonna keep at it now for awhile anyway. LOL!

I've got all the idols but no idea where to go. I thought the place where the bridge is but it lets me do nothing. Any clues folks?

I am so disgusted, I finally found where to use the idols and just like another poster suddenly I have only 4 when I had five before.

Okayyyyyyyy Mrs Skippy and anyone else who encounters the lost idol glitch. I started the game over from the beginning. It wasn't hard cause I now know what to do. This time when I got to the point where I got my first idol I didn't shut the game off at all. It was pretty simple and I finished it with no problems. I still had all the idols when I got to the bridge to heck lock.


The duel with the devil is pretty easy. You just need to find all your items before he finds all of his.

I'm stuck where I've done everything I can find & I'm trying to go to the Island on the ferry. When I try to leave, it says I can't go until I've finished everything in town first- I can't find anything else to do but I do stil have a crank handle in inventory. I've obviously missed something somewhere, but what? Can anyone help please?

I think you have to go to the winch on the cliff to get the key, one of 3


It won't let you go to the island until you have done everything you need to do.


I've started writing a walkthrough for my sister and I'm not finished yet but what I've done so far may be helpful, Keep in mind that what I've written is just the way I did it and some stuff can be done in a different order.


Mystery Novel Mini Walkthrough


Take knife from drawer on right side of room to open box in chair

Look in glass cabinet on left side of room, open the door and take out the notebook to "read" the combination.

Go through door into hallway and cross to door on right side. Click on lock and now it shows the combination that you found in the office.

Put the combination in. Its always the same but you need to view it in the office before it will let you work the puzzle

This room is your lab.

Whenever an item has a magnifying glass over it you need to bring it here and put it on the table to work it out.

Put the pieces of the medalian on the table and you will need to put them together in the right order. Your character then puts it on and instantly ages.

Go back upstairs and in the hallway part of the ceiling falls and breaks a small stool. Examine it. You will need to find a hammer and nails to fix it.

In the upper left of the screen where you see sparkles is a HO scene.

The bananas are in the basket on the floor.

The besom is that funky looking broom.

You get the hammer here.

Go in the office and the desk is another HO scene.

The business card is that red and white thing on the desk that looks like a stick of chewing gum.

You get the nails here.

Return to the stool in the hall. Zoom in and use the nails on it. then with the hammer click on each of the nails until its done. One click for each nail that is sticking up is all it needs. When your cursor changes to a hand click.

Click on the sparkles on the glass cabinet and Take out the pack of news articles. Now you play a card matcing game.

When you are finished the front doors open and you can go out in the street.

Examine the downed tree and you will need to find a chain saw to remove it and alow you access to the dock.

Go in the police station.

Click on the desk first for a HO scene. I found the brass knuckles hard to find at first. Its the slant of the object that confuses. In any scene you find this in it will always be small and slanted like that.

The awl is a tiny thing in the lower left corner on the floor.

Notice the idol. You wil see these in some scenes. Near the end you will have to revisit these place to play the scene again and collect the idols.

You get the crime scene photos from here.

Look at the statuette in the case. You can't do anything yet but look but now you know where it is. Look at the vent with something in it that you can't get. Notice the gas can in the cell.

There is a highboy cabinet with sparkles in the far center of the room. Look at it but you can't get into it yet.

For now take your photos to the crime lab to put them on the table.

All you need to do is look at it.

Go outside and to the left of the screen when you see an arrow follow it.

In the street you will see sparkles on a safty pin, Take it and follow the street.

You arrive at the Mayors Mansion.

Check the mailbox. Use the pin to open it.

Check the gate there is a puzzle there you can do if you want to or skip it when the bar fills up. I hate this kind of puzzle so I skipped it.

Before you go in return to the police station and use the tweezers on the card in the vent.

Click on the silver case in the lower left of the screen. Insert the card and when it opens take the crime report.

Back to the lab again. Its a very simple jigsaw puzzle. If it stays you have it in the right place. You can rotate a piece by clicking on it.

Head back to that gate you just opened.

Examine the locked box in the yard. Examine the front door. You will never be able to open this door so don't worry about it. Head to the right side of the screen. There is a pile of dirt you can only look at now.

The shed is an HO scene.

A samovar is a huge coffee or tea pot. Its Russian.

Stirrups are seen in other games labeled as hand cuffs.

A Jimmy bar is a crowbar of sorts.

Money box is a pink piggy bank.

You get the Jimmy bar.

Head back to the police station and use the bar on the cabinet in back of the room. You get a shotgun. Take it to the lab, put it on the table and use the swab in the scene to find "dust" in it, proving it's been fired?

Notice you still have your Jimmy bar? You will use it again so you keep it for now.

Leave the lab to find an HO scene in the hallway.

Sphere is usually a ball and in this case its a billard ball.

You get a screwdriver.

Return to the Mayor's mansion. Use the screwdriver on the locked box in the yard to get the shovel. Use the shovel on the pile of dirt and fall to the basement of the mansion.

There is a simple puzzle on the wall to do. Simply click on tiles to transfer them. The solution is on a paper beside it.

This lights the torches and allows you to see the sparkles.

In the right corner is a dark place you can't see in yet.

In the middle left is a broom. Take it and use it on the cobweb covered book. Turn the pages to get the fang.

There is an HO scene in the lower right corner.

You get an oil can.

Click on the painting of "whoever" Its one of those annoying spot the differences but its super easy. This opens the door way to the stairs.

In the stairwell take the pike pole and continue on up the stairs to the main room.

Click on all the sparkly places. Take the rope off the back of the chair. An HO scene is on the left side of the screen.

The comb is the tiny one on the book. The feather is not the obvious one but a smaller one. This time the sphere is a bowling ball.

You get a stone which you can use on the vase to get the candle to use back in the basement in that dark niche. But first when you go down there zoom in on the torch and light the candle from it. You find a bloody dagger in the niche.

Upstairs again put the fang on the wolf. Nothing happens untill you put the tusk on the boar so don't worry about it.

Use the jimmy bar on the boards on the window and you get the planks

Exit through the window.

Another HO scene at the shed. Don't worry you won't fall down the hole again.

Duct tape is often used for any kind of tape in a lot of games.

The chain saw is on the bottom shelf hidden behind other stuff. Look for a bit of yellow. This item is what you get and you will use it on that tree in town to get to the dock.

Back to the lab.

Examine the dagger.

For the dna test you compare the vials to the one from the dagger that is already in place. Drag a vial over to the machine. It may take a bit to find the exact place to let it go. It has to be centered over the hole but I'm not sure. Once a vial is in the machine click on the white button and it tells how it matches up. Then click on the vial to let it go back to the stand.  Do each sample and the result is of course human blood.

Out in the street again, use the chain saw on the tree. Head to the dock. In the first scene before you get to the dock pick up the box of bolts in the path.

At the dock examine the chained box. You can't unlock it yet.

Examine the tire in the water. Use the pike pole to retrieve it. I didn't see this at first. I totally forgot to use the arrows on the item bar and just forgot I had it.

Go forward first to the ferry scene. Examine the wheel base. Now examine the rusty crate beside the truck. Use the oil can on that to get the tire iron. Before you fix the tire you might want to do the HO scene to the left above the box. You get the tusk. In this scene it wants you to find a mop but its really a long handled brush like a push broom.

Fix the tire now. Use the tire first, then the bolts and then the tire iron. You will need to tighten 3 bolts to be done. I know it should be lug nuts not bolts but that's the way its written.

Examine the door of the truck for  a mini puzzle to move the truck. It looks hard at first but it is doable but you can always skip if you get stuck.

Pick up the file after the truck moves. Examine that hatch with the sparkles on it.

Use the jimmy bar to open it. Examine the inside for a mini puzzle of assembling the motor. Tap an item and then the place you want it. All the parts are right there except you need to get gas to make it work.

Return to the dock. See that rope bridge? You need to fix that to have access to that cabin. Examine it. Use the rope first and then the planks. Then enter the cabin area.

Examine the clock and you need a gear.

Examine the dresser and you need a key.

Examine the hatch and you need a valve handle.

Do the HO scene. Stitching is a spool of thread. You get the dust pan.

On the floor of the cabin notice a sparkle to the left. Its a crank handle. Take it.

Back on the dock, examine that black thing that looks like it has a J on it. Use the crank handle on that.

Return to town and head for the mansion. Enter through the side window. Use the tusk on the boars head and the tigers mouth opens to give you the first statuette for the fireplace mantel. The other is back in the police station.

Use the dust pan on the ashes in the fire place to get the torn pieces of paper. Do the jigsaw puzzle to put the combination into the memory. You won't see these items in your item bar.

Return to the police station and use the file on the bars to get the gas canister.  Notice the sparkle on the plant? Examine that to get the bottle of acid. When you return to the dock you can use this acid on the chained box. You get what they call "diagonal pliers" which are really a pair of wire cutters.

Go forward and put the gas in the engine. It works now but you still have stuff to do in town before you leave for the island.

Return to the police station and use the cutters on the wires on the box around the statuette. I think you need to click on the cover to remove it and take the statuette.

Head back to the mansion and place the statuette on the mantle beside the other one.  A picture on the wall slides out of the way to reveal a hidden safe. Unlock it with the code provided. click on the tiny levers beside each image. Click on the yellow button when you have it right.  You get the mayor's diary which you need to take back to the lab and examine.

I believe you can do the HO scene in the corner now. I didn't do it till after I'd read the diary.

Darts are the dart board. Folder is that gray item off to the right that looks like a mini laptop or perhaps a book reader. You get the gear for the clock in the fishing cabin.

Use it to start a mini game of gears. When a gear is in the right place it locks so the puzzle is easy. You get a key. Use the key on the locked cabinet in the same room.
**** I need to replay the game and check this part. If you get here before I do again and its right let me know.

 I got sidetracked here but I believe you get the valve handle here to open the hatch on the floor.

You get another diary to read.

At the lab use the pencil provided in the mini scene to rub over the message where the page was removed from the mayors diary.

The diary of the other person is a wee bit harder but not by much. Simply click on words and then click where you think they should be.

Now its time to go to the island. The ferry will work but will sink as you near the island. For now there is no way back to town.

On the island

Examine the water. You will need to fill a cup of water there later.

Examine the tree limb with the wire hanging. You will need to get that down somehow.

Examine the broken window to the left. Thats a disc saw but you need gloves to pick it up because of the glass.

Take the path to the right. Pick up the pruning shears. Examine the hole in the tree but its too dark to see anything. Examine the sparkles in the bushes but the pruning shears won't work on that.

Go forward one more scene.

Examine the winch. You will need to find the handle

Take the paint brush.

Return to the shore and take the path to the left now.

Do the HO scene to the left to get the lighter.

Take the scyth between there and the iron gate.

Do the puzzle on the gate or skip it when the time runs out.

Examine the generator to find you need fuel for that too.

Use the pruning shears on the sparkly bushes beside the generator to get the gas. Fill the generator and click on the switch. It starts up but you don't lose the gas because you have another use for that yet.

Click on the doorway for another scene where the man gets older. Click on the doorway again and go through it this time.

Pick up the medalion piece and go forward.

Click on the stool for HO scene. A Nail Claw is a crow bar.

The screw is not a screw as we know it. I believe its a mechanism for a ship. Its a round thing on the high shelf almost mid upper but a little to the left. It resembles a gauge of some kind. You get the file.

Examine the sparkles on the right wall for a code. Use the paint brush to reveal it.

Examine the hatch type thing in the floor. You can put the first part of the medalion there now.

Go forward one scene and you will encounter a rat who won't let you pass. To get rid of him you have to something gross. Pour the rest of the gas on the floor when you zoom in on him. Use the lighter to ignite it. That takes care of the rat but now you need to put out the flames to get past him.

Return to the scene with the hatch and click on the cell door to the left. You need to find a weight to counter balance the handle.

Return to the dock and take the path to the right.

Use the sythe on the reeds there to get the weight.

Back at the door lock. Place the weight in the upper right on the bar. Now you will see the symbols. Click on each one till the right symbol appears and the door opens.

Examine the loose brick in wall. Its not loose enough and you will need a tool.

Take the stool on the floor.

Examine the cup on the chain. Use the file to free it and take the cup.

The HO scene on the bed will get you the electrical tape.

A hookah is some kind of smoking aparatus, a big metal thing in the bottom middle but a little to the right.

Go back to the shore and fill the cup with water.

Return to the flames where the rat was.

Pour the cup of water on the flames.

You could have done these scenes in a different order and done the cell first and had the cup of water with you when you started the fire. It makes no difference.

Examine the door and you can't get in. You need that saw back under the window frame on the shore.

Take the crowbar in the right corner beside the door.

Return to the cell and use the crowbar on the brick to get the glove.

Return to the shore and use the glove to pick up the disc saw.

Return to that door you can't open and use the saw on it to cut a hole to go through.

Electric chair room. Watch the scene. Then click on the broken wires. Take the crank handle in the center of the floor. Do the HO scene to the right. You get the flashlight and now you will be abled to see whats in the tree hole.

First use the stool on that vent that sparkles in the upper middle of the room. Take the other medalion piece.

Return to the room where the hatch is.

There is an HO scene where the stool is. You get the axe.

Use the medalion piece on the hatch to get a second key.

Return to the shore and take the right path to the tree with the hole in it. Use the flashlight to get a key.

Go forward to the cliff and use the winch handle on the winch to get another key.

Return to the shore and use the axe on the tree to get the wire.

Back to the prison gate and you find another HO scene.

The fuse is a square white thing with a wire coming out of either end. The bottle in this case is that old jug in the lower right.

You get the fuse.

Back to the electric chair room. It's time to fix it. Zoom in on the wires. Use the wire on it and then the tape. It still won't work without the power to it being turned on.

See that sparkly suare in the upper right? That's the fuse box. Use the fuse in that. You get one of those annoying pipe-type puzzles only with wire this time. I skipped it when I could. I did try it but they are usually too hard for me to waste time on.

Now click on the box above the wires you repaired. You need to place all three keys in this. It doesn't matter which key goes in what hole. The power goes in the chair and you can see it.

Click on the chair and your character sits in it and appears to be killed. Watch the video.

Don't do the HO scene on the right just yet.

This is the place to stop and take a break and be sure when you continue you have enough time to finish it.

There seems to be at least for some of us a glitch here that if you start collecting the final statuettes, the Idols, and turn the game off you lose one and it can't be found again.

To be continued.