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Final Zodiac placement, easy!

Just use the finder that you've been using to find Zodiac signs and hover over the locks. Each zodiac sign is shown under that "glass" so you know exactly which one goes where!
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Placement of the Signs in the Zodiac Lock

Once you've collected all 12 signs of the zodiac, you need to place them in the lock. The following screenshots show the signs and the placement of each one.Signs of the ZodiacSigns placed in the Zodiac Lock
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Maps to all 13 rooms in the Ship

The rooms you can reach are determined by how many light bulbs you've found. You need 3 light bulbs to find the nearest room and 34 lightbulbs to get to the farthest room. Each room you reach will have additional lightbulbs, along with other objects to search for. You won't necessarily have enough..
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light bulbs

Helpful hints for everyone:Top deck/level one has the group rooms:movie theater and so on.Middle deck/level 2 has the main cabins or sleeping roomsBottom deck/level 3 has the hold and engine room. (the hold is at the other end from the start point)Be careful the some hallways make u use too many of..
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