the last 7 keys

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the last 7 keys

I found 4 of the keys but can't find the last 3. Can you help

If I remember rightly it is a lot like MCFRTR your just have to look everywhere for the keys but I am sure that there was a tips and tricks for this game you ight check that out, it has been quite awhile since I played that one, sorry I couldn't be much more help....

I have the same problem...keep running out of time before \i find all seven. Please help


Yetses, about this white page is a green tab that says tips and tricks.  Click on that and it will take you to the Walkthrough for this game and you should find your answer there.


Yetses, that should read above this white page(next to the gray video tab)

i went to the tips and tricks and it is not there :(

Hi Jensbutton... It's there...Click on the Tips&Tricks button on top of this page.... search for the letter M...and you'll find the game..

Good luck..



I am down to one key and two rooms - Nursery and Master Bedroom. Theatre - left of red lamp. Treehouse - right limb - bottom of blue ribbon. Wardrobe - in mirror to right of the wedding dress. Widows Walk - door frames above FF. This was taken from directions I had, but the time ran out and I can't get the clues for the other rooms. Hope it helps.

This is a list of where the keys are found in each room/area since their exact appearances are random.
ATTIC-upper far right, part of the lower edge of the window-frame.
BACKYARD-left bumper of truck
CELLAR-just above and left of the candle on the wall
DINING ROOM-just at the bottom of the left side of the chandelier
ENTRY-right of the bottom step on the face of the object covered statue
FRONT PORCH-top right of the column on the left of the porch
GAME ROOM-between the takeout box and the edge of the pool table
GARAGE-above and just left of the canoe
GARDEN-just above the top left of the stump with the axe in it
GREENHOUSE-right of the Venus fly trap and below the bottle
GUEST BATH-on the top of the bucket with the boot
GUEST QUARTERS-along the curtain edge next to the chain saw
KITCHEN-far right corner of the table that is bottom left of the screen
LIBRARY-far left of screen on a line with the bat
LIVING ROOM-front of coffin
BATHROOM-top of screen just right of toilet elevated water tank
MASTER BEDROOM-just left of the nasty circular saw at the foot of the bed
MUSIC ROOM-along the right side of the organ just below the keys
NURSERY-just left of the compass (directional type) on the door frame
PANTRY-on the part of the viola (?) that tunes the strings
PARLOR-at the waist of the statue that is far right
SERVANTS QUARTERS-on the wall just above the lamp and picture
SHED-top of screen above the blue ribbon
STORAGE ROOM-around the waist of the armor below the name tag
STUDY-just below the middle of the window bottom frame
SURVEILLANCE ROOM-on the left edge of the seat of the chair next to the frame
TAXIDERMY ROOM-on the left top of the lace tablecloth with the drum and poor critter with the bolts
THEATRE-on the mantle just left and below the Tiffany lamp
TREEHOUSE-just right of the blue ribbon on the same branch
WARDROBE-along middle left side of mirror just inside frame
WIDOW'S WALK-on the edge of the door frame just above what looks like an extra large order of fries
WORKSHOP-on the right support for the chair back just above the seat

I got stuck at the last door. I found the seven keys and followed all the tips, but it still wouldn't open. Finally I realized I had to rearrange the letters. Once I spelled "endless" I was through. This isn't one of the options previously mentioned.

I've got all the keys and used them to set up "endless", but the lock remains closed. Should the keys disappear when they are used correctly? Mine just go back to their hooks.


Only 4 minutes left on my clock! HELP!!!