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User review by macpro8


The Escape from Ravenhearst Collector's Edition file will not run properly on my rather robust Mac Pro. The audio and video are breaking up badly. I redownloaded/reinstalled/rebooted multiple times with the same result. I sent a very detailed request for help the Macgamestore's Support desk. Three days later, after receiving no response whatsoever, I cancelled the purchase on my charge card. Buyer beware; if you have any technical issues, you are completely on your own.

User review by Psfarrow


Enjoyed the game, but had to turn off sound in the maternity ward - been there, done that and don't need to listen to the noises again. More instruction on some of the puzzles would have been helpful. Got a little tired of all of the running around - down the bed sheet, down the hose, down the manhole, etc. The graphics were great and the acting was much better than a lot of the games. I would give it a 4.5.

User review by thiskidsdun


I really did not like the game at all at first. I have loved the series and just couldn't seem to "get into" Escape from Ravenhearst and even stopped playing for a few months. Then I came back to the game determined to at least give it another chance and finally I really started to enjoy the game. But then came the last two portals. What a disappointment. Here I was finally really immersed and then two little nothing scenes and the game is over. I am torn between 3 and 4 stars but giving four only because something extra is deserved for the quality of the graphics, fun puzzles at at least a few hours of really enjoyable game play. PS. I did like the morphing objects scenes...or at least didn't find them to be any more or less fun that regular hidden object scenes. The best IMHO was the broken up morphing objects in the hallway of moving arms, the smaller area to scan for change really made finding the objects much more fun.

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User review by jyannis


Ahhh, the MCF series. Arguably one of the most polished HOG-adventure series in the market.

MCF8 tries to be innovative with gameplay, and most part, it succeeds. The "morphing object" hunt instead of HOG grocery lists is a creative spin. Puzzles are REALLY challenging and different. Game is fairly unlinear; a lot of exploration/backtracking necessary (not that I mind). Some tasks are outright gross (Mama's house, particularly). One MAJOR gripe I have is the journal. It records the story but NOT useful notes like codes, numbers etc.

The graphics are top-notch, detailed, atmospheric. Game world is expansive as expected, lots of locations. The mannequins/characters are creepy, and the videos/voice acting is a cut above the norm.

Now the story. The detective is thrown back to the Ravenhearst world to investigate missing people, and soon it is clear that Charles is behind it. He forced the detective to relive his life to "understand" how he came to be. Honestly, it's one of the best, although disturbed, stories I've ever come across in a casual game. It made used of a lot of heavy issues - mental illness, child abuse etc. It's not surprising that Charles is a complete nutjob. The progression of the story is good UNTIL the final two chapters, which suddenly seemed abrupt. I would've loved to find out more about Charles' marriage, how Victor came to be, but that was rushed through to serve up the finale. To me, it seemed like the climax just never happened. Quite a disappointing end for me.

CE content is intergrated within the game (not sure how the SE will be), and but the pictorial SG is unhelpful. The ending seems to hint that the story is not quite over.

I didn't find this instalment to be as challenging as MCF 5/6/7. You need to pay quite a lot of attention to detail but it wasn't mind-rackingly difficult. Overall, I do like the game. It could be meatier - especially with the story - but it's a fitting continuation to Ravenhearst saga. 4.25 stars.

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User review by iseedeadpeople1412


I just ventured into HOGs very recently, and this is the first HOG game I played. And let me just say,it rendered me speechless. The exceptional graphics and soundtracks (well,if you count the sounds of young Charles crying and patients screaming in pain as soundtracks), the puzzles! The puzzles are unique,fun and some require your neurons to work an extra shift. For me,the puzzle that took the longest time would be the Door Puzzle from Hell. Yes,the Hidden Object scenes get on my nerve sometimes,but it is a breath of fresh air for fanatic HOG players who have gotten tired of looking for ropes and scissors and nails in each and every hidden object scenes.
This game does not need random ghosts popping out of nowhere like any other horror games to give you nightmares and leave you scarred for life. (I meant this as a compliment,of course.)
The only thing that I didn't like about this game is the ending. After all the hardships you've gone through,you may want to expect an exceptional ending scene and a diabolical puzzle to end it all. But no. It's just Charles and his son dancing to the music from the piano. I would've just leave the game at that without ending it.
In short,this game truly deserves ALL THE AWARDS!

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User review by PeppyFa


the game is gross yes but very clever also..... really like playing it just like all Mystery Case Files...... amazing stuff

Only I have a huge problem...... could not post this in the forums.... something wrong there... so I am forced to notify my problem here...

I can not find the wedding key to open the cage. its not in my inventory although I have finished that part of the game, blowing up the head of the cardgame player in the asylum, and cant select the neck any longer....

anyone can help????? please????

User review by bgwatkins18


I was very disappointed by this entry in the Ravenhearst series. I downloaded the CE version because I liked the previous versions so much. This game seemed to focus on how gross and creepy it could get. Maternity wards where you inflate patients, blowing up babies, popping pimples? It was like the designers wanted to see how disgusting they could make it. I am surprised by reviews where I read that parents had their kids play too. I think the whole psycho theme has been overdone and I'm surprised that MCF couldn't have been more inventive.

Some of the puzzles are interesting but they don't offer any instructions, so if you want to find out what the object is, and you use the strategy guide, you see the solution. I at least like the option of having the objective available.

I thought the best part of the game was finding the token pieces after each section. But even that didn't always make sense. Why not restrict the token pieces to the section you just completed? Why make the player return to previous sections? When you are looking for tiny little parts of the scene, this can make it seem tedious. Overall, quite a disappointment

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User review by bubbyc


Absolutely loved the game. I even got my husband and kids hooked on it. We definitely needed all four of us to find the changing objects which I found a refreshing change from HOGs and FROGs. You gotta give them credit for something new even if you don't personally enjoy it. Great fun. None of us found the story scary or gross especially when it's in the context of mechanical beings. Again a refreshing change from real dead bodies which are a dime a dozen in games now days. I just hope that the next game in the series will return to a more lighthearted (but no less challenging) theme. I am getting rather tired of doom and gloom games. My only gripe is I felt the collector edition bonuses were kind of weak.

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User review by mandie parry


Mystery Case Files never disappoints!! Very awesome game!

User review by cyndihale1206


Waiting oh so not patiently for the next game in the MCF Ravenhearst series, I download the new game & purchased from the get go. There have been a lot of mixed reviews & I will toss out my two cents as well.
- Beautiful, haunting graphics. I will stop playing a game after 5 minutes regardless of other reviews if the graphics don't hold up to my large monitor.
- Storyline, so disturbing & twisted. You at one point finding yourself feeling sorry for Charles, wondering how he survived such a childhood.
- CE isn't the standard "extra" chapter, but it's integrated within the game itself. Once you finally get into the "meat" of the game, you are replaying the life of your evil nemesis. You will also have to locate scenes to "charge" in order to access the doors to each area. I would say it will give you no less than 2 hours of extra game play.
- Soundtrack, what can I say? The music & sound effects can at times be a little much, BUT it's part of the atmosphere & I really don't think it would have had the same haunting theme without it.

- Notebook, I'm not going to call it a journal because I did more note taking in this game than the days of Myst. HINT If you find numbers or something that seems important check your notebook, because if it doesn't appear here write it down or you will have to backtrack for future puzzles.
- Morphing items will get to your last nerve, especially in the notebook and the 31 items you must find there. While I appreciate the cleverness, at points I had to walk away. I'm still on the fence if the hour it took to find all the items was worth the two extra, but I think it just opened up a new story line in "who" is this guy

If you can get through the game without use of a SG or walkthrough, you should easily have about 8 + hours for the CE. I really was debating on giving this game a 4 star rating because of the notebook and SG or lack thereof, BUT the time to complete the game won out for me.

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