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Join Julia on her Mysterious Travel! After winning a free vacation, Julia finds an exciting adventure in this Hidden Object game! Explore the hotel and find a Magic Diary full of mysterious directions, and clever hints. Find valuable clues as you explore the area and become entangled in the mystery! Dive into Mysterious Travel: The Magic Diary and become immersed in an awesome world.

Mysterious Travel: The Magic Diary Review

Jun 8, 2010

There's something to be said for simplicity. Sometimes you don't want to think about characters or try to follow a plot or worry about what to do next; you just want to sit down, stare at a screen and try to find some stuff. And even though it's rough around the edges, there are worse things you could do when those moments strike than spend some time with Mysterious Travel: The Magic Diary, a new hidden object game that generates mystery by tossing the story out the window.

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