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A young journalist, desperate for a big story, accepts an intriguing assignment: Hunt down an eccentric inventor who hasn't spoken to anyone in years and interview him about his latest gadget. The writer gets more than she bargained for when she arrives at her destination and finds the living have abandoned the town and she learns of the inventor's plans to create cars with souls! As her guide, you'll search vintage cars and rundown factories for clues, perform tasks for ghosts, and solve an array of ingenious puzzles. With the fate of many souls and the life of the inventor on the line, you must not delay!

Motor Town: Soul of the Machine Review

Feb 19, 2013

In Motor Town: Soul of the Machine, you step into the role of a New York City reporter seeking her big break by way of an interview with a brilliant but reclusive inventor of some of the world's first automobiles. But he doesn't just make cars; he believes that cars, like people, have souls, and while the reasons for, or significance of, that belief is never explored, the fact that he's such a weirdo apparently makes him a worthwhile subject. It's a perfectly competent hidden object adventure, but really just not all that terribly interesting.

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