Walkthrough - Mortimer Beckett and the Lost King Now Posted

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Walkthrough - Mortimer Beckett and the Lost King Now Posted

Hi everyone,

The walkthrough for Mortimer Beckett and the Lost King has been posted.

I can not get the chest open no matter how closely I follow the page in the notebook any help please

Hi Mrsg,  there are 5 keys and the book gives roman numerals 1-5  click on the key that corresponds with the combination it the book.  EXAMPLE:  I click on first key on left, II second key. 

I am stuck @ elven village I cant get the numbers to line up on the cabinet in the cottage

hi i must be realy thick can`t work the keys out at all help please

H Tnydiat, you have to keep rotating the dials until you have the numbers in sequence (1-6) with the 1 being on top.  Keep trying you will get them, it took me awhile.

Hi Athun, where are you at?  There are two key puzzles.

need help getting pass the key one I try all different way can not get pass please help thank you

Essie...what Chapter?

Completley stuck,

I don't have the matchstick to use on the match book.  I don't have the wrench for the rune book and I can't get any hints.  It just says to come back later.  The only hint I get is for the fairy dust and even that says don't try it again until I have the recipe.  Did anyone else get stuck like this?  I did notice that some items are in different locations than what the walk through says.

Hi Pixpuf, the inventory items are random so as to add replay value to the game.  I found the match in the East Corridor in the alchemist's shop (where you will make the recipe).  Sorry, I didn't write in my notes where I picked up the wrench.  Your items may be somewhere else.

I found it confussing at first with the different locals for the hog's but i looked around like i found the cane at the elevator and so on im sorry about the hints have no clue except that i moved to another room when that happened gl and i hope i have been a little help.