Monster Galaxy: The Zodiac Islands Walkthrough, Cheats and Strategy Guide

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By Andrew Webster | Sep 1, 2011 |

Game Introduction - Monster Galaxy: The Zodiac Islands

Monster Galaxy: The Zodiac Islands is an iPhone game developed by Gaia Interactive that lets you travel the world as you attempt to thwart an evil king and collect each and every cute little moga. Gamezebo’s Monster Galaxy: The Zodiac Islands strategy guide and walkthrough will provide you with a quick start guide, tips and tricks, hints and cheats to help you catch ‘em all!

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

  • Monster Galaxy: The Zodiac Twins can be downloaded for free from the Apple app store by clicking the “Play Now” link at the top of this page.
  • When you first start you’ll have to choose between a male and female avatar to represent you in the game, as well as select your very first moga. Moga’s are animals that you can collect, train, and battle in the game.

 The Zodiac Islands

  • You’ll be given three choices of a starting moga:
  • Corgito - a dog with wings strapped to its back listed as an average fighter. The corgito is the only free option.
  • Birdrodent - part bird, part rodent, this moga is slightly better than average both offensively and defensively. It will cost you $0.99 of real world money.
  • Edgehog - the best of the bunch, the edgehog is the strongest in both defense and offense, but obviously also the most expensive. It will cost you $4.99.
  • Once you select your character and moga it’s time to set off on your adventure.

Navigating the Game Screen

 The Zodiac Islands

  • From the main island screen you’ll be able to access a wide range of information.
  • In the top left corner you’ll see an icon that says “Team.” Beside are all of the moga you currently have in your team. You can only have three equipped in your team at once.

 The Zodiac Islands

  • Selecting the “Team” option will let you manage your moga. You’ll see a list of all the moga on your team at the top, as well as how many you have caught so far, and how many coffees you currently have. At the bottom you can scroll through each and every moga you have caught so far.
  • By tapping the red dash on a moga in your team, you can remove them and make space for a different one. To add a moga, simply tap the + symbol located at the top right corner of their information card. (Right beside where it says how common the moga is.) The + sign won’t appear if your team is already full.
  • Healing - if one of your moga has been injured in battle you’ll notice two symbols at the bottom of its information card. There will be a coffee cup (heals instantly) and a “ZZZ” icon (heals slowly over time). The amount of time that sleeping takes to heal a moga depends on how injured they are. Also keep in mind that sleeping is unlimited, while coffees are not.
  • At the top right you’ll see more information. Here you can find how much energy you have (energy drains each time you enter into a battle, but refills over time), how many coffees you have in stock, how many starseeds you have in stock (used to capture wild moga), and how many Moga Cash you have (the premium currency in the game).
  • If you tap the globe icon in the bottom left corner you’ll be taken to the map screen. This shows you all of the islands in the game. If an island has a lock on top of it, it’s currently inaccessible.

 The Zodiac Islands

  • In the bottom right there is an icon that says “Menu.” From here you can toggle options like the sound volume, go to the shop (where you can purchase coffee and Moga Cash with real world money), manage your trainer and collect a daily gift, and check out your current quests.

 The Zodiac Islands

  • You’ll receive quests as you progress through the story. Some must be completed to progress, others are optional. You can learn more about a particular quest by tapping the “Info” button.
  • When navigating an island, each location will either be white, yellow, or have a lock placed over it. White means you’ve completed the mission there (though you can return to battle the moga again for extra experience), yellow means you have yet to visit the location, and a lock means the location has yet to be unlocked.

Battling and Catching Moga

  • Most of your time in Monster Galaxy: The Zodiac Islands will be spent battling other moga. Each and every quest will require you to either defeat some moga in battle, or to capture them.
  • First, before entering into a battle ensure that you’re happy with your team, which you can see at the top left hand corner of the screen. Remember that if you let a moga take a nap, it will be removed from your team and you’ll have to re-add it in order to use it for battle.
  • Each time you visit a location for a battle it will drain some of your energy. Most battles take 15 energy, while more important ones, such as boss battles, take 30.
  • The first thing you’ll need to do is select a moga from your team to start with. If your moga is hurt, you may want to give them a coffee before using them, which you can do at the beginning of battle.

 The Zodiac Islands

  • Once the battle starts a timer will start ticking down. If you don’t take action before it runs out you will lose your turn.

 The Zodiac Islands

  • The most common action is attack, which you can do by tapping the “Attack” button. This will bring up a circular meter with a moving target. The goal is to stop the target when it’s as close to the green section of the meter as possible. You stop it by tapping anywhere on the screen. The closer you are to the green, the more devastating your attack will be. If you stop it in the red your attack may not cause any damage at all.

 The Zodiac Islands

  • You can also use a zodiac attack by tapping the “Zodiac” button. You’ll need to tap and fill up the zodiac symbol before the timer runs out. If you fail to do so you won’t attack.
  • You can also give your moga a coffee in the middle f battle by tapping the bag icon in the lower right hand corner.
  • If you wish to switch moga mid-battle simply tap the character portrait in the top left corner and you’ll see a menu featuring each of your team members. Tap on whichever one you wish to switch to.
  • The battle is done when one side has all of their moga run out of energy.
  • Sometimes you may also want to capture moga. Many quests require you to capture specific moga, and oftentimes you won’t be able to progress to a new island until you’ve caught a certain number.

 The Zodiac Islands

 The Zodiac Islands

  • To attempt to capture a moga tap the starseed icon in the middle of the screen, at the bottom. You’ll be presented with two options. The master starseed is 100 percent effective, but can only be obtained by spending Moga Cash, which cost real world money. The regular starseed, on the other hand, can fail. The weaker your enemy is, the better your chances of capturing them are. You’ll see your chances listed as a percentage beside the starseed.

 The Zodiac Islands

  • Once you win a battle each of the moga in your team will earn experience points, which help them to reach new levels, which make them stronger. Oftentimes you’ll reach an experience level limit, which will only increase when you unlock the next island. At times like these it’s best to swap out that moga for another one, since it won’t be earning any experience points.


  • You’ve completed the Monster Galaxy: The Zodiac Islands quick start guide for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Now you have all the skills you need to catch each and every moga. Be sure to keep checking back with Gamezebo for our extensive coverage with reviews, previews, guides and more.

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