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In Monster Galaxy, catch Them All! Collect wild monsters and battle to tame the zodiac and save the world!

Viximo and Gaia Interactive sign distribution deal

Feb 23, 2012

Viximo has announced that they’ve entered into a partnership with social games company Gaia Interactive which will allow for the creation and distribution of Viximo games on the Gaia Online network. The news gets better for Viximo, as they’ve also secured the rights to distribute Gaia’s Monster Galaxy title across their own network of social sites. The move will allow Viximo access to a userbase of roughly 170 million.

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Building Social Games for Gamers – Monster Galaxy Postmortem

Jan 24, 2012

By the summer of 2010, it was clear that social gaming was here to stay, with Facebook’s massive audience continuing to demonstrate an appetite for games. However, the range of available games on Facebook was rather limited. A few early leaders, most notably Zynga’s FarmVille, had served as an example for countless other developers to follow, leading to a landscape overrun with simulation games primarily marketed to casual and non-gamers such as middleaged women playing games for the first time.

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Monster Galaxy getting the big screen treatment

Nov 8, 2011

What do Angry Birds and Monster Galaxy have in common, aside from being immensely successful casual games featuring adorable critters? It turns out that Gaia Online is taking a note from Rovio's playbook, and is gearing up for a movie adaptation based on their hit Facebook title.

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Monster Galaxy: The Zodiac Islands Review

Sep 1, 2011

Monster Galaxy on Facebook was a serviceable clone of Pokemon that brought the basic gameplay from Nintendo’s wildly successful franchise and added in the pre-requisite social features. It wasn’t perfect, but you could still catch ‘em all. And it wasn’t portable, which took away from some of the appeal. After all, one of the best parts of Pokemon is that you can play on the go. That’s now changed with the release of the spin-off Monster Galaxy: The Zodiac Islands for iPhone, which provides a similar, less complex experience that you can put in your pocket.

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The movement is (still) just beginning for games on Facebook

May 24, 2011

May 24th marks the four year anniversary of the launch of the Facebook platform. On that day in 2007, in a hall crowded with hackers and dreamers, I watched Mark Zuckerberg announce on stage that "today, together, we're going to start a movement." In one fell swoop, he opened up the power of social networks - the ability for people to connect and share - to developers everywhere.

What has happened since has been a wild ride.

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Miscrits: World of Adventure Review

Jan 12, 2011

Miscrits: World of Adventure on Facebook takes the best parts of Monster Galaxy and a bit from Pokemon to make an engrossing experience that most social games usually don’t tend to deliver.

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Monster Galaxy Walkthrough

Dec 31, 2010

Monster Galaxy is a Facebook game developed by Gaia Online. Become a Moga Tamer and be the best by capturing mogas, include them in your team to battle other wild monsters. Fulfill quests and ask help from other players to gain advantage during battles. These are just a few of the things you can do to get started playing Monster Galaxy by referring to this quick start guide.

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Monster Galaxy Review

Dec 14, 2010

Monster Galaxy is something unusual and ambitious for Facebook, an attempt to create a clone of Nintendo’s extraordinarily deep Pokemon RPGs that’s friendly to social gameplay. While there are very few true social mechanics in Monster Galaxy, the game is largely successful at bringing the appeal of monster training and collecting games into something you can play for free on Facebook. The game features 120 distinct monsters to battle and capture, without any of the “spend money if you want this rare monster!” shenanigans you might expect.

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