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By Art Green | Mar 25, 2013 |

Mini Golf MatchUp - Art Green

Mini Golf MatchUp is a free to play game where you can challenge your friends in a five round game of mini-golf. Gamezebo’s quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to play your best game.

Quick Start Guide

How to Play

Mini Golf MatchUp

  • The Basics: This is your standard golf course.  There will be any number of obstacles that you will face.  When you first enter the course, it will tell you what “par” is (how many shots it should take your average player to complete). 
  • Gems: The purple gem that you see in the back of the course is a special gem that will give you 2000 points if you have your ball roll over it. However, if you aren’t going to pass it on your normal route to the hole, don’t bother with it.  Chances are that the extra shots that it will take you to grab it will be less than the points you’ll earn if you just go straight for the hole.  If you get it, great—if not, if your opponent tries to go for it, chances are you’ll get an eagle and they get par, and by extension, get less points than you.
  • Coins: The little gold coins littering the course are worth 100 points each when your ball rolls over them.  Like the gems, they’re not worth grabbing except for those that you will earn on your path to the hole.  Don’t focus on them—they’re not important as getting to the hole as quick as possible.

Mini Golf MatchUp

  • Starting: Each course has a starting area notated by this blue area.  You can place your ball at any part of the blue area.  You’ll have to think about the angles of the flight of the ball logically.  What will be the quickest way, based on the placement of the ball, to get the ball where I need to go?  Like previously stated, getting the ball in quicker than your opponent is a sure fire way to victory.

Mini Golf MatchUp

  • Shooting: Shooting is controlled by your finger.  Once you’ve placed your ball, use your finger to touch the ball and then pull back.  The further you pull back on the ball, the harder the shot will be.  Typically, you will not want to go into the red with your shot, as in certain levels it can have your ball flying out of the field of play.
  • Mulligan: In the top left hand of the screenshot, there is the golf ball icon where you can call a mulligan.  Each round you get one mulligan for free—after that, you will have to pay for your mistakes.  It’s a good thing to have in your pocket if your shot isn’t just right or if you completely bollocks it up and need a fresh start.

Mini Golf MatchUp

  • Game Management: Mini Golf MatchUp has a game management screen much like a Words With Friends where you will get push alerts to your phone when a player has made their move, and a management screen once you open the application that will list what games are your turn and your opponent’s turn.
  • Starting a New Game: In the top right hand of the screen you will see a “new game” button.  You can play with Twitter or Facebook friends, or just play a random opponent that also has the application installed on their device.
  • Stats Screen: In the top right, you can check the statistics of how you have been playing.  They aren’t necessarily in depth and unfortunately won’t show you your best scores by course, but as it stands, it’s fairly neat to see your win/lose record, and is a feature I wouldn’t mind seeing in Words With Friends.

Mini Golf MatchUp

  • Achievements: One way to extend the game and challenge yourself just beyond the basic competition between you and your opponent is the achievement system that Mini Golf MatchUp has.  There are a number of different achievements that you’ll earn along the way (wins, for example) and when you earn them, you’ll get stars.

Mini Golf MatchUp

  • Mini-Goals:  Another system Mini Golf MatchUp has included is the “mini-goals” system.  Every time you shoot you’ll have three different mini-goals for you to try to obtain.  When you earn them, a new one will come in, and the goal that you have completed will give you a star.

Mini Golf MatchUp

  • Stars: Once you finish achievements and mini-goals, you’ll earn stars that can be used to buy new golf courses for you to play against others.  Alternatively, you can spend some cash to unlock them immediately if you’d rather not bother with some of the peskier achievements and mini-goals.


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