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Millennium 5, Developer Diary #4

May 7, 2013

For this fourth and probably last entry in the Millennium 5 Developer Diary, I'm going to talk about an aspect that has been dear to me ever since I started making video games back in 2001.

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Millennium 5, Developer Diary #3

Feb 22, 2013

For this third entry in Aldorlea's Developer Diary series, I am going to talk about something that is very dear to me, and in my opinion is an important aspect of the role playing games we all love. Interactivity – in other words, making a world come alive.

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Millennium 5, Developer Diary #2

Dec 27, 2012

What’s more interesting and involving in the creation of a story than coming up with colorful, interesting, and unique characters? This is one of the tasks I have as the writer of the Aldorlea games. Characters are crucial in a story – and an RPG. Good RPGs have a good story. A good story requires great characters, characters that people can feel something for and sometimes relate to. It can be bad (“Oh, I hate this stupid selfish character!”) or it can be good (“this heroine is wonderful and so full of heart, she lifts me up all the time!”) but it has to do something.

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Millennium 5, Developer Diary #1

Nov 2, 2012

Millennium 5 is the last episode of the Millennium saga (see the other episodes at Aldorlea Games!). It all started in September 2009, with a young girl called Marine. She wanted to change the course of fate. This is a universal theme, our actions versus fate, this is why this series holds a special place in my heart. And now I'm about to close the book of her story, and it's quite a daunting task to say the least, because the game will be the biggest in the series. It has to be. People like a spectacular ending, and your goal as a developer is to deliver the goods. 

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