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Beyond the gates of a mysterious castle lies a story rich with enchantment and thrilling secrets. Discover what tale lurks in the Mystery Chamber and save the fate of Midnight Castle!

Midnight Castle is coming to the iPad tomorrow

Mar 19, 2014

Love Midnight Castle, but wish you could take it on the go? Good news, Big Fishers – Big Fish Games has just confirmed with Gamezebo that their popular free-to-play hidden object game is heading to the iPad this Thursday.

It’s an interesting twist, when you think about it. Previous free-to-play titles from Big Fish, like Found and Dark Manor, have started life on iOS, only to make their way to the main site later, after they’ve had some time to prove themselves. With Midnight Castle, they’ve turned that formula on its head. And it seems to be working, too: a Big Fish Games representative told us that the game’s PC players are averaging 70 minutes in game per day.

And if it counts for anything, we liked it quite a bit too.

To celebrate the launch, they’ll be giving away an iPad Mini on Midnight Castle’s Facebook page. The sweepstakes opens tonight at midnight, and closes in one week, on March 26. For more details, be sure to visit facebook.com/midnightcastle after the clock strikes 12 tonight.

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Midnight Castle Review

Jan 21, 2014

In Midnight Castle, the newest social hidden object adventure from Elephant Games and Big Fish Games, players are summoned to a dim and eerie castle after their uncle’s strange and unexplained demise, which seems to have something to do with the castle’s hidden Mystery Chamber. But one step onto the castle grounds and one interaction with the spooky cast of characters, and you’ll quickly see how the game’s stunning presentation and masterful exploration of the genre leave nothing dark or mysterious about its great and truly rewarding nature.

Despite being a free-to-play “social” hidden object game rather than a premium and streamlined “adventure,” Midnight Castle is presented in a way that would make any adventure fan feel right at home. Instead of some lifeless map you have to click around to move from scene to scene, every area in the game is beautifully laid out across an interactive landscape, where you will move from location to location, interacting with characters and entering hidden object scenes. Even the smaller details are incredibly cool, like the way you’re able to click to interact with key items in your inventory, and serve as a much-needed breath of fresh air for both sides of the HOG genre at large.

Midnight Castle

The hidden object scenes are pretty much what you’d expect from a social HOG, with speed and repetition being the primary focus. You’ll breeze through each scene finding small lists of items until you know their locations by heart and can start chaining together some high score combos from clicking on them in quick succession. Once you’ve played through a given scene numerous times, you’ll unlock its next tier of difficulty, which adds more items to the overall list and rearranges their positions for a nice and welcome changeup. Typical social HOG fare, yes; but the hidden object scenes themselves are still some of the most detailed and nicely drawn that I’ve seen from such like-minded games in a while.

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Big Fish Games’ Midnight Castle is launching tomorrow

Jan 20, 2014

You didn’t think that a dark and mysterious hidden object game would be called something like “Happy Afternoon Castle,” now did you? Of course not! Well Big Fish Games has a brand new social hidden object game coming out tomorrow, and it’s full of just as much mystery and secrets as it is darkness and shadows. Developed by Elephant Games in conjunction with Big Fish Games, Midnight Castle features a mysterious storyline, engaging social components, and you guessed it, lots of fun hidden objects to find!

In the game, players will travel to a dark and dissonant castle that was once occupied by their eccentric uncle after his unexplained and peculiar death. There have long been rumors that an eerie Mystery Chamber exists somewhere within the castle, and that it has the power to grant the wishes of anyone who occupies the estate. Something tells you that if you find this Mystery Chamber, then the truth about what really happened to your uncle will finally be brought to light.

Of course, doing so will involve scouring the massive castle for hidden objects across 16 different scenes, in addition to creating your own items and artifacts by using the castle’s laboratory. As players complete over 350 different quests on their way towards uncovering the truth, they’ll get to interact with a roster of 12 unique characters, who might be able to help them in a number of strange and exciting ways!

While the game won’t officially be released until tomorrow, you can still get a sneak peak of Midnight Castle in action from the exclusive debut trailer that’s embedded right within this page. And be sure to keep your eyes peeled on Gamezebo tomorrow as well for our official review of the game, just as soon as we manage to find our way out of the Mystery Chamber!

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