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User review by sotong


Graphics ok but very repetitive game. And it dragged on & on & became annoying. Very basic HOG so it got boring quickly after the repetitive scenes. Yawn...

User review by elldee


After a days-long (or was it weeks-long) hype about this cooperation between iwin and Gamehouse, I think they both came out losers. I signed up for iwin and d/l'd the game, anticipating a real mystery treat. The first thing I noticed was a GLARING error on the iwin "gamer's" page--in one spot, it's called "Master Thief--Skyscraper Sting," and adjacent to that title, it's called "Master Thief--Skyscraping Sting." Come on--can't get the title correct? Quality control, anyone? The premise? Comic-book woman goes after comic-book bad guy for some kind of vengeance, making like a cat-burglar in his multi-story building. The plotline might vaguely remind you of "Vaultcracker" if you've played that, only that one has a lot more class and involvement. This game is 100% HOG, with some Match-3 tidbits tossed in. While the graphics are nicely done, you'll find yourself repeating scenes over and over. The background music is what you might hear at a progressive jazz club. Limited options menu (game cursor only, but it did work OK). No voice acting, just terse dialogue boxes. If you like collecting things in each scene for a potential bonus, find 3 keys every step of the way to be rewarded. There is some inventory-based gameplay, but it's "handheld." I'll donate 2 stars on the graphics, but that's the best I can offer.

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User review by dvadout


Well, it's been a minute since I've played a hidden object game where all you do is look for hidden objects and this game is like that. You get an interesting story at the beginning of the game which will make it seem like it's a blast to play but as you go through three to four levels of looking for objects and finding keys you'll realize this game is utterly crap. I mean that in every sense of the word. I can understand if hidden object games just started to come out but come on!! The makers of this game just threw this together. The so-called side missions can be finished by a one year old. No offense to the one year old's but the side missions have no effort none what so ever. One of the missions was to write a note on a stickey for workers to find. The side mission was to find a pen and a stickey note...How challenging. Another mission: wipe foot prints. You find a rag and a bucket...Get the picture? Not to mention the fact that you're constantly going into the same rooms over and over. I played a hour of this and realized this game is dull with a capital 'D'. Finding the keys for extras isn't worth it either. I sure hope the game makers of this game won't charge anybody. It's not even worth a buck.

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