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In Playdom's Market Street, hire your friends, stock your displays, fire the slackers. Build the world's most successful retail store in Market Street!

Playdom's Market Street closes up shop

Aug 17, 2011

Yet another Facebook game has been shut down for good, this time it's Playdom's department store sim Market Street.

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My Shops Review

Dec 16, 2010

There’s an endless variety of business management sims to play on Facebook, so it’s quite an achievement when a developer comes up with a genuinely novel twist on the formula. My Shops has you trying to manage an ever-increasing variety of shops located on a single avenue, instead of endlessly micromanaging a single store. This is a very intuitive way to change up the formula, but surprisingly, there’s very little on Facebook right now that really plays the way My Shops does. Some elements of typical timer-driven sim play are there, but there’s also a lot of strategy and even some action.

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Market Street Review

Aug 12, 2010

A lot of social game genres begin with a game that takes an old formula and changes it up a little, with a new motif or a few twists to the rules. Market Street is a department store sim that, at heart, is following the formula of fashion games like Mall World and Retail Therapy. You can even sell clothing if you want. What's different about Market Street is that it's a much more masculine game.

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Market Street Preview

Jul 26, 2010

Playdom is expanding its sprawling line of social games with a new title, Market Street, that lets you run your own department store. The game mechanics are quite similar to fashion games like Retail Therapy and Mall World, but Market Street is a more gender-neutral game that lets you sell clothes, hardware, electronics, or an eclectic mix of all three.

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