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Mall World is the place where you can be your own boss, run your own fashion boutique, and shop to your heart's content.

BringIt brings head-to-head wagering mini-games to Facebook

Sep 12, 2011

Today BringIt, a platform that lets users earn virtual currency for their favorite games, has launched a new head-to-head competition that lets users wager premium currency on the outcome of mini-games.

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Magic Mall Preview

Dec 17, 2010

Magic Mall is a take on the “mall management” sub-genre of the “business” sub-genre of the “management sim” sub-genre. If you have ever specifically wanted to design your own mall, this is definitely a game for you. While Magic Mall is still early in its development cycle, it offers a clear gameplay progression where you begin with a drab, grey mall and slowly develop it into a lively, brightly-colored mall full of decorations. Magic Mall is a low-stress game where failure is nearly impossible, making it something ideally played to relax.

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Mall World Review

Apr 23, 2010

Mall World is a game about fashion. You sell fashion, buy fashion, create fashion for friends, create fashions in mini-games… you get the idea. It’s also very specifically a game about women’s fashion, so this is not a game to play if you expect to be able to create so much as a male avatar. The game only suggests inviting female friends to play it, unless you go out of your way to be able to invite people from your full list of friends.

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