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Brace yourselves for the Witches Tournament!
Fly in the enchanted forest as far as you can while dodging ghosts, fireballs and many spooky obstacles!

Cast awesome magic spells and challenge your friends in the weekly tournament!

Grab your broom and join your friends in this Magical Ride!

Magical Ride Review

Dec 20, 2012

A witch’s greatest enemy is not a dragon, a manticore, or even an animal control agent looking to tag and haul away her black cat. No, a witch’s worst enemy is gravity, that grumpy old force of nature that already has big issues with humans flying around in machines and isn’t a big fan of magic girls whipping through the air on broomsticks. Time to stop letting gravity push you around. Magical Ride for Facebook is an endless running/flying game (think Jetpack Joyride) that pits you against gravity’s inexorable pull—not to mention fireballs, ghosts, and electrodes.

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