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User review by denisa dulcik


At level 41 I can not clean all that fog ... what to do?

User review by smiler9513


It is a fun and very addictive game, but you do have to have a lot of patience. I have found i am doing really well until now. I am at level 31 now but cant get past one part of the game. I am stuck on chapter 4 save the day (again) Defend the City V Improve your farming for your new troops before going to save your spouse. Boost a farm plot upto 16%. The hint says "place it closer to the castle or an outpost for extra boost." My farm plot is next to the castle but wot outpost am i supposed to place it by? I can't get past this level and its really frustrating, PLEASE HELP!!

User review by ntkach


It's kind of fun and it *might* be okay, but for starters, requiring *3* "friends" right away!? Really? I'm referring to how you get the "upgrade your castle" task as one of the first big ones right away, but you *have* to have at least 3 friends playing the game to finish it! That's really not a great way to *start*! At least do like some of the better games and "give" us people to fill the spots if we don't fill them for a while!
Plus, it might just be my imagination, but I sure am not seeing *any* giants for very, very long stretches of time nor does my "knight house" give me swords when I've "collected" from it at least a dozen times now.

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