Luxor Adventures Forum Now Open

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Luxor Adventures Forum Now Open

Hi everyone,

The forum for Luxor Adventures is now open.  You can ask questions and talk about the game  here.

Luxor Adventures can be downloaded at Mumbo Jumbo.  Big Fish also has Luxor Adventures available for download.


Hi GrannyO.. thanks for the info...

I've just DL the game from BFG cuz it's the TGT there..

HAGD and C U around..

Hey Granny and Levendig it looks like you get 2 games for the price of one Luxor 3 and the Luxor Adventures.  I like marble poppers even though I am colourblind so it should keep me busy as if I don't have enough games to finish.

Hello Granny, Levendig and Scot,

I just dld this one myself and it's looking like another buy towards the Novemberfest on BF. I like the added hidden objects to the game....a new twist? Should be interesting!

So many great games this month and not enough time...........I feel like the Mad Hatter LOL.

~ Puzzlednana

Scot, how does that work, you finish one and then can play the other.  One is free and the other $6.99.  I have downloaded it and am playing one does the other follow or what?

I don't know if this happened to anyone else but the page after the firt marble shooter game asks you for your e-mail address.  After you hit submit In tells you that your address is wrong and to try again.  There is no way to get around this page, so since it didn't accept my e-mail address after trying for over half a hour I had to quit.  I am really disappointed that that happened, it looked like it was going to be a fun game.

Hi everyone when you puchase Luxor Adventures you also get Luxor 3.  Two games for the price of one.   Once you have downloaded the game when you click on the icon on desktop you should see Luxor Adventures on the left which is a hidden object game and on the right is Luxor 3 which is a marble shooting game.  Click on the game you want to play.

Thank you Granny for responding to the question, it is exactly as Granny said so lots of fun and the HOG is not easy but not too difficult either with lots of great mini puzzles not just marble poppers which you can skip by using the hint button repeatedly if you need to.  The HOG is also a good length not a short game but not as long a RTR.

I have played the first HOG and it was really great.  I enjoyed it more then I thought I would.  Really like the mini games. Now I am on the Luxor 3 and at one point there is a puzzle game that I cannot get through.  I think it is the level 6 puzzle. There are only a few balls you can use to solve this puzzle. and I am absolutely stuck on this one puzzle.  I hope someone figures it out and posts it.  Makes me batty when I can solve these puzzles.  Makes me feel like I am NOT SMARTER THEN A 5th Grader!!!!  LMAO. So if someone does get to that puzzle and figures it out. Could you please post the sequence of where the balls are placed!!!! Cool

i was totally amazed by this game; almost passed on it because of its association with Luxor (i really don't care for Luxor/Zuma type games).  glad i downloaded.  the graphics/audio are great; huge variety of mini-games & search types, nice unlockable bonuses (match-3 & Luxor games).

only downside is the auto-save; i missed an orb & couldn't go back for it.  the game is difficult enough (got to level 3, just started 4) that it's definitely keeping my interest.  a definite purchase!

I have a question that does not seem addressed here. All Luxor 3 games are locked but one and I played it and won but no other games unlock. Now what?