Lost Secrets: Bermuda Triangle User Reviews

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User review by beestitcher


I love the characters, the dialogues, & the story. I think it is a good solid HOG with an interesting story. I'm glad I bought it.

User review by Macaroo


Entertaining, well written story line, but the gameplay is too simple and the two mini-games become a bit tedious.

User review by origami-san


Well crafted, classic HOG without anything special. I liked the underwater scenes, mostly shipwrecks. Items were nicely hidden, not too difficult. Relaxing music and sounds. Two minigames. No timer, unlimited hot-cold hint system. Just the right thing to shorten time in between hit games.

User review by kkunaschk


I deleted the demo after about 20 minutes. Got very boring, very fast. Not very challenging, too much dialog, no time limit. A good H.O. for someone just getting into this genre, but don't think so for seasoned H.O. lovers.

User review by cnmoore


This game is easier than many HO games and is just my speed. I was actually able to find most of the objects and used only relatively few hints. (I was completely unable to finish Madame Fate). The story is very much better than most and held my interest. The minigame puzzles are just the right degree of difficulty. I was delighted to buy this game - some will find it too easy but it's not too easy for me..

User review by pjries


I enjoyed this game. I find myself bored lately with HOGs and abandoning demos halfway through. I like a good storyline that comes to a conclusion and this one did. I agree with Marc's review about the limitations, but I'm not sorry I bought this one.

User review by krysttie


Tried playing it but I found it to be boring. There is not even a time limit to challenge you. Also, the mini games are not that great.

User review by M2Cute4Jerks


I played for 20 minutes, crossing my fingers that it would get better but no such luck. I will not buy this game ~

User review by jampony


I'm enjoying this game. The graphics are very good and I was surprised how well-written the dialog and story are. So far, I've come across only one mini-game that involves a maze. It's slightly challenging but I'm guessing it gets more difficult further into the game. I'll buy this game with a game membership credit (but I wouldn't pay full price for it).

User review by gnashif


I played the demo after 25 minutes and several chapters, I realized what a dull and boring very average game this is, I just don't see how developers can continue to pass off these lousy HOG games on us gamers.


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