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User review by Gardensafari


This one was labelled a HOG, but actually it is a Match-3. A rather good one, for you can choose from various board lay outs and various ways to play this game. After a while however you find outy it is mainly Match-3. No real adventure, a small HOS every once in a while. A solid game, but not outstanding. Real M-3 lovers however will probably rate this one one star higher.

User review by arielle221


The GZ community members who said M3 enthusiasts would like this game were spot on. The variety of game style choices (standard board, hex board, random boards as well as the chain, swap, burst, or replace matching styles) is pretty cool, and the very detailed elements to match are eye candy.

Further, at today's special 2-for-1 price @ BFG, it's a good deal.

User review by sotong


I really enjoyed this game! It's a match 3 game so I wasn't expecting anything out of this world or ground breaking. The mechanism and gameplay will always be restricted to a game board and clearing tiles on the board. This is as much you can get from a match 3 game.

I wouldn't call this game boring. It was good and rather exciting. The really boring one would be the sequels of Jewel Quest where after 5th or 6th releases, the graphics, board, music, sound (well almost everything!) remained unchanged; exactly the same as the 1st game release. There wasn't any improvement nor progress of game development; now that's boring!

This game had beautiful graphics, good soothing music choice, ambient & game sound were good, as well as the effects and animation. Level of difficulty was easy and it was fun to play. Unlike some other match 3 games where the developers made it so hard that can cause frustration. I preferred the swap mode than the chain mode.

The hidden objects section was very similar to 4 Elements where the player had to find parts of objects to build them up, then placing the objects onto the appropriate places in the scene in order to move on to the next chapter.

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User review by Sierraspun


Well, I enjoyed it. I happen to like Match-3 games, and by the time BFG offered it as a Daily Deal, they'd recategorized it as such. For what it's worth, there are 12 Match-3 segments between the HO segments, and once I got them into the mode I liked (removing 3 or more items at one time), they were interesting. I did play in relaxed mode - I'm sure I'd have been totally frustrated if I'd played the timed version. I liked the HO segments as well. For me it was a relaxing game to play in the odd moments when I didn't want to spend a lot of time on a game.

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User review by cakefordinner


Pros: Great graphics, extremely configurable Match-3 play
Cons: Dicey custom cursor and transitions (game manager?), mis-marketed as an Hidden Object.

As Match-3 games go, this one is extremely creative and unique. You get to decide the shape of the items (2 different ones) and how you connect them (4 different styles)...that makes for 8 different combinations of play...or you can choose random and let the game decide.

The graphics are great and the story is decently written. If you love Match-3, this is a nice addition to your collection. I think this is one of the first decent innovations in the Match-3 genre, in my memory. The rest are mostly variations on a theme; this one is truly unique.

Where the game failed, and completely irritated me, is the publisher advertising it as an Hidden Object game. If you mouse over the game title (at the publisher's site), it does show as a Match-3. Unfortunately, I didn't do that. I read their description and it clearly states that it's an Hidden Object game. This isn't the first time they've done this, and they need to stop, IMO.

Also, this is the first game that I absolutely couldn't use the custom cursor on. I have an older machine, but I've never had to change to my hardware cursor before. I did with this one. Also, the game was extremely sluggish and made for tiresome play. In all fairness to the developer, I think this may be a problem with the delivery, rather than the game's programming. If so, there's not much you can do about it until and unless it's offered elsewhere, in the future.

My biggest beef with this game was the disappointment of not having many fHOG scenes to play. If it's going to be advertised as an Hidden Object game, then it needs to have more than 1, followed by tons of Match-3, for each chapter. So, 4 stars for the game, 2 stars for what the publisher did to muck it up and an average of 3 stars overall.

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User review by Diskette66


Just finished the demo on this one, and chose Timer Mode, which was fun until I kept losing level after level right before I was clearing the puzzle. I know I saw somewhere in the tutorial it mentioned that I could go back and choose relaxed mode - well, I couldn't find it. I was in Options, I exited the game and went back in, I was clicking everything I could find. No go. So, Timer Mode, I stayed on. I could only make it to level 3 by the time the demo ended as, like I said, the difficulty level with Timer on is really steeped up. Definitely an unusual game, not like the regular match 3 games I'm accustomed to. You basically are chaining pieces together that connect and trying to clear the tiles underneath. You get some cool power ups with special effects but some will stop charging if you don't clear a chain with a tile beneath it (for example, the lion). The graphics in the game are pretty nice but unless you're a pro at this (there seems to be all sorts of choices for the level boards & the way you will maneuver the pieces), I would stick to relaxed mode. All in all though, a pretty cool game :)

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User review by PlumCricket


I think that BFG has done this game a disservice by advertising it as a HOG. There are HO elements, but it's largely Match 3. I think I've lasted longer than anyone else so far: I'm on level 90.

As Match 3 games go, it's got some interesting innovations: you choose your own "geography" (hexagons, squares, or letting the game randomly choose) and "mechanics" (long chains, short chains, swaps, or changing). The power-ups are fun, though the tornado seems fairly useless.

There isn't much plot: The local Kingdom is under a curse because the citizens have forgotten to honor the four elemental gods, so Serena (a princess?) and Lucas (some sort of expert - it's never really quite clear) go on a quest. For each elemental, you have to find four HO objects, then place them where they need to go to restore the scene, then recover four objects via Match 3, which are then placed in the scene. Each Match 3 object takes three rounds to recover. You do this twice for the HO scenes and twice four the Match 3s, so yeah, you play a LOT of Match 3; the HO parts go REALLY quickly. Once the main "story" is established, there's virtually no plot development of any kind, and the characters don't say anything to one another, just go from task to task.

There are two kinds of music: between the scenes features very dramatic, violin-based music, but the actual Match 3 scenes - you know, where you're essentially blowing stuff up - is a cheerful, flute-based theme that I think they took directly from "Love Chronicles: The Spell." You do start to feel like the Chirpy Axe Murderer after a while.

I'm rating this game 3 stars for two reasons: one, I think that dedicated Match 3 enthusiasts with few HO expectations will probably like this game; and two, the developers *didn't* use a tired, badly-researched faux-Mayan plot scenario. No, I don't know what the title means either... but at least I don't have to swallow any more fake Mayan themes. (They're starting to get to me.)

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User review by DamaDeLuz


This game was billed as a HOG. Imagine my surprise when very little of the game is actually looking for hidden objects but, rather, was stuck playing rather ho-hum Match 3. Don't get me wrong, I love Match 3's like Caribbean Hideaway, Fishdom 1 &2, A-B-O-O & Magic Match. You could select different ways to match, such as chain, swap, etc. but it was still ho-hum. I gave 1 star for graphics and one star for what little HOG there was. Pass on this one.

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User review by tutor


I thought this game was a HOG; but the only thing that I saw was some objects that I had to find pieces of articles for. That was in the first chapter. All the rest of that same chapter; was matching stuff; that was it. I found it boring and tedious. Very disappointed. Unless you are into total matching; I would not recommend.

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User review by novablazer


this game is so cool that you can chose if you want to play on time or relaxed game.but it is mostly match-3 then hidden object.5 stars.

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