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User review by HappyMadrigal


Everyone's said a lot already, so I'll just say one thing: I loved the HOT/COLD Thermometer hint! More than any other hint type, cause I felt like I was really hunting for clues =)

User review by puzzledone


It seemed a bit harder than all the previous Little Shop series, harder to pick out the ? marks for hints. But the magnets, thermometers and fireflies well compensate for a really fun find. Other hints sparkle at random. Can't wait to finish so I can do the Blitz on this one too which gives them all great replay value. I always go back to Blitz while waiting for new games to come out to try. Well worth the money for me.

User review by ratgirlagogo


I agree with Gaelle below that this is the best of the series. I just wish you traveled from one site to the next in a more logical way, geographically - Grand Canyon to South Beach to New Orleans ? Really? Still, really fun and perfect for summer.

User review by kkunaschk


I like this HO game quite a bit. Some objects are difficult to spot at times, but it's not supposed to be too easy or it would get boring, right? This one was made to be quite entertaining with fun music and places to visit.

User review by Jean


Enjoyed this game a lot. Some of the objects were hard to find but interesting to look for. Liked the different places to visit. Also a long game, for me, that is. Would highly recommend it. Jean

User review by Gaelle


The best of the series so far. The added scenes with the fireflies cans are fun and I adore Blitz mode. So much fun. Perfectly balanced game : fun, challenging but not impossible.

User review by Zebo


Just OK in my opinion. Some cute hints, but almost no story. I don't like it as much in HO games when completely random items are everywhere, with no regard to gravity, size or logic. The National Parks workers should be fired if there is that much junk lying around the Grand Canyon!

User review by JenLArt


Very nice graphics, as is typical of the Little Shop series. The "see America first" theme is perfect for summer. I wish there were more "stops" but all in all, a lot of HO fun. I bought it, as I have the rest of the Little Shop games.

User review by TexasKat


Excellent game! Hope this shows 5 stars, since I had to right click to open the review box (review and kudo boxes still will not open up for me). Lots to hunt for, think magnets and thermometers and jars of fireflies! Lots of fun, relaxing and low stress game!

User review by lindy3t3


great game so far...it can also be downloaded at RealArcade

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