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In Little Cave Hero tour town has just been destroyed by dastardly monsters from the deep and it’s up to you and your Facebook friends to rebuild it! Travel underground, dig up buried treasures, fight terrifying monsters, solve perplexing puzzles, and be all the hero you can be! This retro inspired game features hand-crafted pixel/voxel art never before seen on Facebook.

DeNA acquires Little Cave Hero developer Atakama

Oct 4, 2011

DeNA, the Japanese social gaming company that acquired ngmoco last year, has announced its latest acquisition. The company will be expanding to Latin America with the purchase of Atakama Labs, a developer best known for the Facebook role playing game Little Cave Hero.

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Little Cave Hero Review

May 6, 2011

Little Cave Hero is a game that borrows heavily from others, yet still manages to feel fresh and interesting. It sports the pixelated style of classic adventure and role-playing games, but with gameplay that resembles social-style treasure hunting games. And when you throw in a unique puzzle element and a snarky, self-referential sense of humor, you end up with a game that's as funny as it is fun.

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