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$0.99 release sale! Grab it while it's a buck!

Lexi is the next "boutique" word game (a term I invented just now) that ain't your poppa's Scroggle or Babble clone.

Hold back the horde of letters descending from the top by shooting your own arsenal of letters up to form words and explode tiles away, some times more explosively than others! Make enough words and clear the board for the next, more challenging level, providing yourself with brief respite.

Use your wits, vocabulary, and special items to set up chains and combos that rack up points and dominate the leaderboards! Close your eyes and hit the panic button when you're about to lose! Eventually lose anyway! (It's an endless puzzle game, after all)

Expect the first big update to include more modes of play, especially for those who prefer a less hurried word game. I also hope to include compatibility with smaller iDevices, but playability on the small screen is an issue to be worked out. Of course, any bugs that crop up will be on the docket as well.

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