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Legend of Talisman Review

Apr 19, 2013

Yarr, sea dogs! Deep in the watery grave of Legend of Talisman, there be gems as big as a babe’s fist, and gold as pure as a blushing milkmaid. Thar be puzzles as mysterious as a crumbling treasure map, and deep as…uh…Davy Jones’ locker. Um, Flying Dutchman…er, *cough.* Okay. Legend of Talisman is quite a decent match-3 puzzle game that may seem a bit too familiar at first, but actually stands up well on its own.

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Legend of Talisman Preview

Dec 18, 2012

Though the title “Legend of Talisman” brings to mind a story about a boy named Jack searching for an ancient relic across to worlds with the aid of his werewolf pal, that’s not what this puzzle game has to offer. Instead, it’s a Match-3 game that’s full of fun, adventure, and pirate booty. Not a bad substitute by any means.

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