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User review by roseisa


Review is based on CE version. Solid HO game like the other reviewers have stated.

Standard 3 levels of play, jump map, achievements, some HOG's, more item puzzles.

Voice overs aren't irritating, creatures are fun and you pick up scrolls that explain their history, which I thought was a nice touch.

Plot: you are again the detective assigned to a job to see if you make the cut for the League of Light.

Naturally your first mission is locating a missing League member and the evil little guy now known as smooge is your main antagonist. A smooge is a being who has been changed from normal state to the ugly troll look by the Dark Lord who is dead and given the storylines we have all played, you can guess what the smooge wants to do.

Setting the plot aside, the game play is solid and I mean solid: diary, jump map work very well. Achievements are easy and not so easy to acquire. Mini puzzles are logic based from easy to tough.

The bonus chapter is Top Notch, it gives an extended ending to the main story, but the length is a true bonus chapter; took me a couple of hours to complete because there was so much to do and if you like dwarves, you'll really enjoy the bonus chapter.

Replay value, well if you want to earn those achievements, you'll replay - note there is no replay of HOG/mini puzzles in the extras for the CE version, you get wallpapers, concept art, music and the bonus chapter only.

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User review by jones


I bought this game before I went on vacation, and of course have downloaded and played several newer games in the meantime. But I decided I couldn't remember this game, so created a new player and started from the beginning, and I'm so glad I did. This is absolutely the greatest game I've played in a long time. It has everything, owls to find, excellent mini-games, different and changing HO scenes. The artwork is stunning. Throughout the game I marveled at how incredible the minds are that thought of all this: the story, the way things worked, the great map. All in all, a game worth playing several times. Not to be missed - great job!

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User review by Miranda22


This is an absolutely superior adventure HOG that gets just about everything right. I played the SE and, despite a very abrupt ending, you still know how things turn out and the game is very long anyway. You are a member of the League of Light trying to prevent the resurrection of the Dark Lord. A winged creature snatches the town bigshot's daughter, so you go in pursuit. One recurring gnome villain overly resembles his counterpart in the Haunted Legends series, but he doesn't show up as often, There are narrations about story and creatures along the way that some may find distracting, but they are well done and not too long. Game features the now obligatory jump to map with hot spots indicated and I used it in lieu of hints (also provided) to remember where stuff belonged. This is exactly the kind of game I like where there is lots of stuff to find and lots of stuff to look at; fun things often happen when inventory is used; and you occasionally have to actually think about how to use items rather than the ordinary "find wrench, unscrew bolt" routine. The HO scenes feature lovely background music and beautiful scenery to look through. Plus, this game has those step-by-step puzzles where you find one item to open the next to open the next and so on. Never enough of those to suit me and the ones here are quite original. Also original are the puzzles - all skippable if they don't appeal. All in all this is one great game which I will leave installed and replay at a later date.

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User review by Robertnico


Sometimes it's confusing me. Again as a good game, which played my last game too quickly.
It still has meaning to write this kind of reviews if you already have those insanely good games of the last time plays?
I have too little space to explain how good and entertaining this game is, so 40 stars!!!
A game made with love!!!

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User review by Meli-2009


It's been a long time since i played a game which gave me so much joy!!! Not only are the graphics gorgeous, is the voice acting nice, do i like the music, am i fond of the various minigames, which make you think. I also do like the story which has been written very acurate and interesting, it unfolds a whole world with all the various creatures and their connection with the Dark Lord. Story is that a smoggle (one of the Dark Lord's helpers) has captured a young maiden and is having dark plans with her in order to resurrect the Dark Lord and you are a new apprentice of the League of Light, sent to bring things in order. I do love the flow of the game very, very much! It is thoughtfully designed! And, what I almost never have: i do like the collectibles, these are owls.

I am thankful and I am happy that such a fine game found it's way to me!!!

It's just great. Thank you so much, dear developpers, it gives me a wonderful time in a summer, which i can almost not stand any more, living under the roof and it is very hot. How lovely to be able to escape to a winterscene now, THANKS!!!:-)

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