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It's your first day at Labanoir Academy, the school for mad scientists!
Develop your rat team and challenge other players in this hilarious battleground game.
Enrolling in this school for mad scientists seemed like a good idea… But it's totally nuts here. Everyone thinks of nothing but rat fights. Join the game: raise your creatures and challenge your friends and fellow students in fierce duels!
- Collect more than 150 cards!
- Create an army of rats with your own hands!
- Challenge other players in real time!

Laboratz Review

May 9, 2013

On my list of “most wanted, never gonna happen” games, a standalone, licensed version of Triple Triad is right at the top.  The brilliance of this card-battling mini-game from Squaresoft’s 1999 Final Fantasy VIII is the one thing fans and non-fans can agree on when not trading blows over the Junction system.  While Square Enix refuses to take our money and create this instant bestseller, other developers are tweaking the idea of Triple Triad and attempting to cash in—sometimes literally, as is the case with Laboratz.

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