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User review by seedsick


I too think this game has been somewhat overrated in the other user reviews. Don't get me wrong -- it is a great game and I enjoyed playing it, but I found that it also left some to be desired.

Let's start with the good: the voice acting was of high quality, and though it often seems unnecessary in games, it can add a lot to the experience when done well. The graphics were also beautiful, and it was nice to see their themes change in the different elemental realms. I also really enjoyed the soundtrack, which was made up of haunting ambient sounds that perfectly fit the feel of the game.

Many reviewers here praised the story. I certainly found it to be interesting on the whole, but too often it seemed to make little sense. At the end of the game there were some seriously loose ends, though this could have been intentional to gateway into a sequel.

Perhaps my least favorite aspect of "Kuros" was its poor substitute for a hint system. Nearly every similar game I've played has had a Hint button that recharges in some way -- and becomes a Skip button during puzzle scenes -- but "Kuros" uses a different method entirely. You have to actually collect items that can be used to produce a hint, which I disliked for two reasons: first, when I'm having a hard time looking for an item, the last thing I want to hear is that I have to find ANOTHER item just to get a hint. Second, the items that provide the hints are extremely rare in the game; I only managed to find two and I doubt there are many more.

Ultimately, "Kuros" is a good game. I enjoyed playing it but it is certainly short, with a plot that could have been simplified and clarified. I wish there were a 3.5 stars option, because that's what this game deserves, but I enjoyed it nonetheless and would be pleased to see a sequel.

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User review by hilofoz


I am surprised at the high reviews this game has been given. I know that it is excellent in many ways, but it still has a long way to go yet. On the other hand, it is nice to see virtual environments used in an interesting way. It is a one star game play for me, but I have given two extras. One for the environments and another one for trying something different.

It is also an extremely short game.

There is no doubt that the environments are excellent and graphics are lovely. The story is quite good, tried and tested, but could be developed further. Some aspects verged on the humorous but others were very new agey and corny. I liked some of the literary references to Lord OT Rings. I recognised Treebeard straight away, despite the change of name. It is a pity that the characters were not more animated.

The blend between text, mapping and story was not good. It did not feel immersive, with the sudden jumps to map views and also, navigation was generally poor. The user interface should be redesigned.

The games are a little to simple and repetitive for my taste, and the objects are sometimes hidden in places which are too dark.

I found the voices really annoying, and to add to this, very repetitious as it is very easy to click in the wrong place.

The navigability was poor, and the map puzzles boring as they were unchallenging, and unnecessary. Also, the graphics on the map was very ugly.

As I say, the game play needs a lot of work. Compare this to a beautiful game like Drawn, and it is clear that this game somehow has received better reviews than it should have.

Nice soundtracks.

I would say: do it again, but really develop it so it becomes seamless, and less boring and repetitive.

User review by aitchie


Quite nice and fun but not very long. And my goodness those voices are cheesy as hell! It sounded like one person had recorded them all with different voice synthesisers! LOL

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User review by sotong


Wow to my surprise this is a really enjoyable game! I find the graphics really beautiful. The voice acting are really good too. I find myself immersed in this mesmerizing fantasy world. Game play is not hard and not too easy as well. The mini-games are a bit challenging - especially toward the end where I need to draw the right symbols. Some people found the game a bit short but the duration was okay with me. If it becomes too long, then perhaps the magic will be lost. We knew that a sequel is probably on its way so I'm looking forward to it. I loved this game. Great fun and wonderful.

User review by Shang


If you're looking for a lovely game that is highly pleasurable from begining to end and won't fry your brain cells, then Kuros is definitely for you. Sandelot went to great lengths to produce stunning surrealistic graphics, on the verge of abstraction, yet so beautifully drawn out that part of my enjoyment was derived from just admiring each scene for a good five minutes. Gameplay and in-game navigation are fluid. All the objects can be found without having to use one hint, and all of them are related to what your are requested to do; no Space Shuttle, bowler Hat, pushpin or any other odd thingummyjigs hidden under a pile of junk, which never serve any purpose and yet abound in too many other Hidden Objects games. The mini-games are good fun, the IQ-Test type puzzles perfectly logical, intelligent and not overly hard. Replayability is another nice feature of Kuros if you wait long enough between two sessions. It is true, however, as many reviewers pointed out, that Kuros is a bit short. But its overall quality easily makes up for its brevity. I personally prefer a good short game to a bad loooooong one that acts on me like a sleeping tablet...but that's just me.

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User review by kavitamittal


awesome game bt too short

User review by missiongirl


I loved this games, challenging and different. Would recommend.

User review by Rownme2


Love this game, but its on the short side. I've played it thru twice. graphics are really nice, story line works.

User review by whichypoo


One of the best I play LOT OF GAMES and I would recommend has good games graphics are great-game can be quite addictive - storyline is good

User review by drummer1961


I just bought the game and haven't gotten very far but so far, it's been fun and challenging. I have seen where this game is in the top 10 games and had heard that it was a good game. I'll have to play more and see what's going to happen next.

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