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You’re a brand new chef with just a food truck and a dream -- to cook your way to the top of the culinary world!-Cook hundreds of dishes, with steps based on real recipes-Serve interesting, demanding, and unique customers-Meet the Politician, the Cop, the Grandmother, and more-Take your truck through the colorful level maps-Learn to cook exciting regional cuisines of each locationWork your way through different levels-Stay on top of the action to keep your customers from getting angry!-Upgrade your kitchen to increase efficiency-Keep your customers happy to earn 3 stars!

Kitchen Scramble Review

Aug 27, 2013

City-dwellers know that some of the best food in the world comes off of food trucks. These mobile kitchens serve up deep-fried delights, grilled goodness, and fresh fare (but mostly deep-fried delights). Kitchen Scramble on Facebook is a time-management game based around an entrepreneuse who aims to dish out a diverse menu from the back of her own food truck. It’s a noble ambition; too bad the core gameplay is basically the same meal we’ve been served over and over. 

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