Hidden Quest - China

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Hidden Quest - China

I have completed about 68% of the game - including Hekla after trying about 100 times. I am now trying to get the hidden quest in China. After reading here (& a few other places), all I need to do is to capture monkeys in all the available cages & complete the board without allowing any monkeys to fall off the bottom. Well.... Ive done it dozens of times & I still havent received any award for it and... it still shows I need to complete the hidden quest in the Map Room. Could there be another Hidden Quest in China ??? PLEASE HELP !!!

It worked fine for me--I was able to complete the hidden quest for China while I saw still working through the Silver quests there.

Where did you get the game? I got mine from Shockwave. You might need to contact customer support whereever you got it from.

Also, try this. Go out to the lobby (where the guest book is). You can do that by restarting the game, if necessary. Click on the guest book to enter the Map Room.

Now spin the globe until you see the region spot for China. It will probably be silver since you said you completed all the silver quests.

Click on that spot. Now--before you do anything else, read the diary page for the region very carefully. It will tell you how many silver quests it believes you've finished, and whether you've finished the hidden quest. (This is in the lower left.) If the game believes you have finished all the silver quests but not finished the Hidden Quest, it will now tell you on this page what the Hidden Quest is. Look in the lower right for the description of the Hidden Quest. Read it carefully to make sure that's what you've been doing.

If the count thinks you still have any silver quests left to do, it won't tell you the details of the Hidden Quest yet.

Good luck!

One other thing to check...When you get to the diary page for the Region, as I described in the previous post, look down in the lower left. If it says "Hidden Quest: Completed" but it also says "Gold Quests: 0/8 Locked" then there is something that it wants you to do in another region before you start the Gold quests here. (otherwise it will say "Unlocked".)

I believe the sequence is Central America, South America, Iceland, Europe, Africa, Australia, and then China. It may be a little different, but there are a lot of regions you have to complete before China will unlock.

Normally when you first enter the Map Room, the globe should position itself over an Unlocked region. If you are turning the globe yourself and going to another region, it may not be unlocked yet.

If you go into a region where the Gold Quests are still locked, the game will still allow you to select a location. Look carefully at the Diary Location page before you start the quest. It should say either Gold Quest or Silver Quest at the top of that page. If it says "Silver Quest," it doesn't matter how many times you do it--it's still going to be silver.

So the key to finding out where you are in your progress is...start at the Lobby. Go into the Map Room. Click on a Region dot and read that diary page carefully. Good luck!

Did you ever get past this point.  I am at 68% complete and can not get past the Hidden Quest in China.

Yes, I've completed the entire game, Silver Quests, Hidden Quests, and Gold Quests, as have a number of other Gamezebo members. (I wrote the Gamezebo strategy guide for this game, which you'll find by clicking on the green Tips & Tricks tab just above the whitespace on this page.) So it can definitely be done, but there's no question that China is one of the more difficult regions.


What kind of problem are you having?  The first issue with China is that the instructions aren't very good. When it says "don't let any monkeys escape," what it really means is don't let any fall off the bottom of the board. You can let some get out of cages and still get the Hidden Quest as long as at the end of the round you've turned every square gold, every cage has a monkey in it, and no monkey has ever fallen off the bottom of the board during the round.

ok - i've just made this  - i did everything robin said last night, and it didn't work - BUT this morning i was asked to upload an updated flash, so i did , and then i followed robin's instructions again tonite - and *success*


thanks, robin - boy, are the instructions on the site c**p

I'm glad you got through it!  Most of the other instructions are OK, but the one for China just doesn't quite fit what you actually have to do. Made me wonder if they had changed it at some point and never updated the journal.

yes - sorry gamemakers - i did just mean that page

Is any board ok to use to get your hidden quest or a specific one or deos it matter.  Or do you have to do all?  I have completed a couple and nothing happened. Someone mentioned doing something with their flash.  Mine is up to date.

You can get the hidden quest on any board. You only need to do it once. When you start the Region (not the location, the Region), take a moment to stop and look at the Region diary. It will tell you how much you've done there, and what stage you're at.


See our strategy guide for more information. It's posted online free here at Gamezebo. Just click on the green Tips & Tricks tab just above the whitespace on this page.


Good luck!