Rainbow - Minecraft server - Girls Have got the power

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Rainbow - Minecraft server - Girls Have got the power

Hey everyone! I wanted to invite the girls here to our Minecraft server.


Minecraft is a game about placing blocks to build anything you can imagine. At night monsters come out, make sure to build a shelter before that happens.

So here is one of the biggest Minecraft servers:

Minecraftservers.info recognize us as one of the best servers. SxedioB with its professionalism, its continuous support and with the help of the community we  managed to spread our message to the world through videos! It’s about time for the rest of the world to know! PCMaster [27-7-2011] published an article on the «news section» describing our work and considering us as the Best Greek Minecraft Server and not only. I thank my devteam for helping me with the development of the server and being the best company I could possibly have. I want to thank everyone that invested time and  made a notable effort!

Minecraft Server IP : rainbow-mcgrs.gamebattles.gr

Rainbow Server is open-to-all server that provides a more RP side to minecraft.
Join us and we guarantee that you will have fun fun fun fun! No Lag.


I am a girl and I am also a moderator here. We would love to see me girls join in. This is an RPG server and girls get their own special tag; the 'Lady' tag. We even have events where you could become the queen. Girls are treated with high respect here and if you have any problems I will try my best to help you. My name is Ewokish, hope to see you in our server!

hey can u update it to be 1.3.1?