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Players start out in the “big city” and it’s up to them to make a name for themselves. Walk about the city streets, meeting the avatars of other users, and ducking into stores for a little shopping is the core of the game, with the key aim of raising one’s “hotness” to new levels.

Nine Facebook games you can play on your phone

Sep 2, 2011

Unless you use iSwifter on your iPad or take a laptop with you wherever you go, there's really no way to play Facebook games on the go. But thankfully a number of developers have attempted to remedy this by making iPhone-exclusive versions of popular social games. They may be smaller, but most of them are just as fun. And as a bonus, there are a handful of cross-platform games that you can play across both Facebook and iOS, too.

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CrowdStar takes It Girl to Russia

Aug 8, 2011

Social game developer CrowdStar has announced that, after achieving success on platforms like Facebook and the iPhone, it will now be expanding to Russia with the release of its top-grossing game It Girl.

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Social games come to WildTangent

Jul 4, 2011

Game portal WildTangent has just become a little more social, with the addition of a new section that focuses specifically on social games. Popular Facebook games like It Girl and Salon Street are now playable on the site, and a contest is currently underway that lets users win free virtual currency.

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CrowdStar’s It Girl comes to the iPhone

Mar 8, 2011

While social games may be all the rage on the App Store nowadays, it’s not too often that we see a hit Facebook title make its way to our mobile devices. CrowdStar is looking to break from this trend by bringing their popular fashion-friendly social RPG It Girl to the iPhone and iPad.

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It Girl is the place to be for Old Navy on Black Friday

Nov 23, 2010

So far, we’ve seen the virtual and real worlds collide many times in Facebook games: McDonalds blimps in Farmville; a Kiss concert in Nightclub City; buy actual Charles Chocolates in Chocolatier: Secret Society.

Here’s another first. This Black Friday, Old Navy will be holding its first ever Black Friday party in CrowdStar’s hit game, It Girl.

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Crowdstar bringing It Girl, all future Facebook games to mobile devices

Nov 5, 2010

Didn’t you hear? Smartphones are one of the hottest fashion accessories around. Don’t just take my word for it –ask It Girl. The popular Crowdstar game will be coming to iPhone, iPad, and Android courtesy of the Sibblingz social engine – and it won’t be coming alone.

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Fashion Addict Preview

Nov 2, 2010

Fashion Addict is... kind of the dress-up oriented fashion game it appears to be at first glance. It's also part of the new breed of social games that puts a big emphasis on visual polish and mixing together gameplay mechanics from different genres. Right now, it's also a fashion game with no avatars, which can be a bit disorienting at first. Instead the emphasis is on running a boutique shop. You have a couple of mannequins to outfit with clothes as you unlock them or purchase them from other boutiques. Your goal is to sell clothes to passers-by who visit your boutique, make money, and buy better clothes.

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It Girl Review

Nov 1, 2010

It Girl may be the single greatest RPG on Facebook right now, combining complexity and accessibility with a masterful touch. The fashion theme and all-female avatars may be off-putting to male players more used to gender neutral games, but... well, sucks to be you in this case, male players. It Girl may be about amassing designer jewelry and dresses instead of swords and armor, and finding just the right handbag instead of mystic gems to socket into your equipment, but it still offers all the satisfaction of a traditional RPG.

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It Girl Walkthrough

Sep 20, 2010

It Girl is a simulation game developed by CrowdStar and played on Facebook where you can make yourself into the ultimate "It Girl" The "It Girl" is beautiful, Stylish, Trendy and attends all the hot spots, and major venues. She starts out as a City girl but is soon jet setting all over the world. Update her look at the salon and purchase clothes from the trendiest stores to increase her overall hotness level. When you attend parties or even walking down the street challenge other girls to a showdown to see who is the ultimate "It Girl!

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It Girl Preview

Sep 20, 2010

Crowdstar’s It Girl may be best described as a Paris Hilton simulator. It’s a game where you attempt to become the richest girl in the city by buying the hottest clothes and partying the hardest. Day jobs? Pfft! Howmiddle-class. In It Girl, you periodically get care packages of money just for existing. From the description you might expect a game that’s a clone of, say, Playdom’s Big City Life, but It Girlis a surprisingly complex game that plays more like a 2D MMO.

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