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User review by beachsidelynn


I agree with the three previous reviewers completely. Graphics nice but the misspellings, incorrect descriptions of items to search for, all the dialog to read or listen to and ALL the HO scenes were too much for me. I lasted 30 minutes with the demo. Not for me.

User review by Pumpkin1974


DISCLAIMER: I played the free demo.

I guess it's unanimous; everyone who has reviewed this game so far is of the same opinion. This is a game with a great deal of potential, but doesn't make it because of translation errors and a lack of a coherent story.

In this game, you play as Jessica Pandora, an archaeologist who finds an artifact that transports her to an unknown island. Strangely, everyone she meets appears to know her. Even stranger still, she finds notes that are in her own handwriting that she seems to have left for herself!

This game is not a COMPLETE loss, it has nice graphics and the dialogue and voice acting isn't bad. I'm glad they didn't try to speak in fake accents and over dramatize the script. I like the subtle approach much better. Those good points, however, are not enough to elevate this to even a 3 star game. As mentioned by elldee, there are a lot of instances of mistranslations, a drawing being called a "paint", a stalk of wheat being called an "ear of wheat", the list goes on and on.

But for me, the main problem is the lack of a real story. It seems like they had this great idea for a game, but really didn't know what to do with it. So they added a lot of hidden object scenes, I mean A LOT of hidden object scenes. Like one every two minutes! Even though these games are called "hidden object games", stringing together a lot of scenes together with bits of dialogue in between does NOT a HOG make! Well, not a good one anyway.

Obviously, this is not a game I would recommend. I hope these guys learned something and come out with a better game next time.

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User review by jkf


Well, I agree with elldee on his comments for this game. As for the gameplay, there was no flow as you had to hunt down the HO scenes in order to get pieces of the puzzle and there were just too many. And the object of the game wasn't too clear until you had gone through about halfway through the game. The story might have been interesting to follow if it wasn't interrupted by all the back-to-back HO scenes.

The graphics weren't bad, actually nicely done in most of the scenes. They tried to work panning into the game without too much success as it just made finding the HO scenes a little more confusing, which lowered the playability and enjoyment level. There is supposedly a board game of a similar title but I have not played that game to know if this is a game meant for those enthusiasts as nothing really seemed all that exciting to me in the game.

This isn't a bad game but I would not recommend this over a better rated HOG going for the same price. This seems like it was a first cut by a new team breaking into the HOG market. I wonder why they try to be ambitious about creating multi-chapter games without first seeing how the first one makes it in sales.

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User review by elldee


Well, what can I say? Was this game meant for an English-speaking audience? No particular offense to the developers, because they obviously did a better job with English than I would do with their language, but you've gotta consider the gamers! There seem to be quite a few spelling and translation snafus.

I think this game is a "shove-it-out-the-door" and "let's see what happens" kind of project/release. Sort of like some of the "HdO" attempts (anyone who's familiar with those releases through BFG will know what I mean). While the graphics are decent, there's actually too much hidden-object stuff in the early parts of the game (although, yes, it is described as a "Hidden Object" game). And the translation? Not too good. In the intro, I think "Isla" should be pronounced "Eye-la," not "Izz-la." Looking for "Incense"? Try "Encense." Want "Tweezers"? Look for "Twizzers." (Are those akin to "Red Licorice Sticks"?)

Sorry, but this game seems to have been concocted by a couple of youngsters in their basement studio. I know that's tough, but, well, there I am.

Regards, elldee

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